Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vicis Interimo Episode 92, (Actual) Crazy as hell

Episode 92, (Actual) Crazy as hell, Vicis Interimo
Wow, tough show to edit and tough to record, mostly because we have been working so hard to past our test. Thanks to our cotributers, 'Big' Bri and Al and to the new folks that have joined us on facebook. We take a look at a crappy movie, but fist we hear from AL about last weeks show and from Brian about the new 'the THING' movie. We talk about Crazy as Hell and then move on to GIGO and talk about Morning Glory and Avatar: the last air bender.
Body Count Podcast

 Crazy as Hell(2002) R
Ty Adams (Mike Beach) is an outlaw psychiatrist whose nontraditional approach has made him a hero in some circles and a kook in others. He meets his intellectual match in a male patient (Eriq La Salle) claiming to be Satan, and it may just be the doctor, not the patient, who unravels right before the watchful gaze of filmmakers recording Adams's exploits for a documentary. Eriq La Salle also directed the film.
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