Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mavens of Horror Podcast #1

The Mavens of Horror horror review debut Podcast is here! Three ladies who love horror moives have gotten together to form a new podcast called the Mavens of Horror. The Siren of Louisiana -  Char, Splatter Flick Chick Jamie and Sinfully Sexy Stacy, they are the Mavens. They review Exorcismus and Haunting at the Beacon.You can download the podcast from here, Itunes or your favorite podcatcher.

Art Flesh Gordon
 Neverworld, Temptress, Vampire, Zombie Take Over, Angel in Black
Seventh Seal
Forsaken (Queen of the Damned-
Save Me From Myself (
Echos of Eternity
Voices in a Dream (
The Smiths

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