Monday, October 31, 2011

Body Count Podcast – Episode 21 – Finishing Halloween

H20, Resurrection, Halloween (2007), H2, World Series Game 6, Community, Parks and Recreation, The Office. Download by clicking here.

The Dark Hours Episode 26: Halloween 2011

It is time to celebrate our favorite holiday! To honor the festival of the dead, we take a look at Halloween episodes of Goosebumps from R.L. Stine and company. Then we take a trip to the cinema to examine the latest installment of Paranormal Activity! Will the 3rd time be the charm? I think we might be getting another one of these soon …
Then Evil Dead: The Musical visits Detroit and Grey and company are on the scene to give you an in-depth report. Make sure you check out this show if it swings by your town!
Finally its a comprehensive retrospective on America’s favorite creepy family, The Addams Family. From cartoons to live action shows to the silver screen, The Addams Family is apart of pop culture and now we are going to give them their due!
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Vicis Interimo Episode 94: Pontypool, Tower of Terror

Happy Halloween and welcome to episode 94! smiley This week we discuss the 2008 movie 'Pontypool', as well as Disney's 'Tower of Terror'. We really are enjoying the new FX series 'American Horror Story', so talk about it quite a bit. Short topics include 'The Addams Family', the 'Xena Effect', and whether or not Nicholas Cage is a vampire. Madsaxxon also quotes from Tolstoy and gets on the soap box this week and has a thing or two to say about those who judge other people's relationships. This leads to a short discussion of the new 'Ballandchain' podcast, which looks at marriage and relationships (run by Jay from Pennycult). The link to this new podcast can be found below. This week madsaxxon and Lori celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary (yay us!). smiley .... thanks for tuning in!

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Pontypool(2008) NR-
Valentine's Day is anything but ordinary for radio shock-jock Grant Mazzy after he runs into a crazed woman on the way to work -- and that's just the beginning as scores of other people in the small Ontario town of Pontypool start acting awfully odd.
Tower of Terror(1997) NR-
Steve Guttenberg stars as a tabloid reporter who wants to return to mainstream journalism; all he needs is a big story. He gets one when he happens upon the mystery surrounding the disappearance of five people at an old luxury hotel in the 1930s. The locals believe that the ghosts of those five people now haunt the hotel. Kirsten Dunst co-stars in this spine-tingling Disney mystery thriller.
Pontypool Trailer...
Pontypool Trailer 2...
Since there is no trailer to be found, here is 'part 3' from the
Tower of Terror on youtube... an example of how 'scary' it is...
Check out Jays Ball & Chain podcast, just serch 'ball & chain' in iTunes
American Horror Story Promo (FX series)...
American Horror Story... Watch episodes here! smiley ...
Is Nicholas Cage a vampire? surprised ....

Horror 101 Podcast Episode 4 Halloween Episode

Our favourite time of the year!! its Halloween!! Just in time to cover the original Halloween I and II in depth. We showed Nick Mac P the two movies. He’d never seen them before!! This was amazing to me. What a great chance to watch someone discover such great horror and finally familiarize themselves with a classic horror icon. Get Nick’s initial reaction to Michael Myers. Why did Zombie’s remakes blow in comparison? Find out on this show. Also, we finally get The World Famous Brian Stewart’s take on The Thing. We touch on Night of the Demons, the original Kevin Tenney with the lovely Linnea Quigley. There’s several reasons why you should check that one out, especially this time of year. I share a great Halloween story from my childhood with you. Hope you’ll check out this special Hallowen Horror 101 podcast!!

Download the podcast by clicking here.

The Horrorphilia Network of Podcasts Heavy Metal Halloween Special

The Horrorphilia Network of Podcasts Heavy Metal Halloween Podcast has been unleashed. It’s our most epic podcast yet. How epic is it? How about 5 1/2 hours, 11 reviewers, 22 movies covered, 24 songs, plus an unmeasurable amount of awesomeness!!! The Horrorphilia and Much of Madness/More of Sin crew review the following heavy metal horror themed movies: Shock Em Dead, Blood Tracks, Kiss Meets The Phantom of the Park, Heavy Metal Massacre, Black Roses, Rock n Roll Nightmare, Trick or Treat, Rocktober Blood, Stump The Band, Turbulence 3 and Hard Rock Zombies. For the Halloween side of the podcast the lovely ladies of The Mavens of Horror Podcast review 2007′s Trick R Treat, and Zombies Don’t Podcast aka Chuck, discusses the entire Halloween franchise. Be forewarned if you don’t like metal than your head may spontaneously combust. If you do like metal than get ready to have a spare pair of shorts to put on by the end of the show. Download the podcast here.

Track List of songs played throughout the podcast
Gonzo’s pick – Walls of Jericho – All Hail The Dead
Holy Moses – Cassie
Helloween – Halloween
Brandons Pick – A Life Once Lost – Vulture
Spastic Colon – Virgin Girl
Sacred Warrior – The Flood
Jason’s Pick – Soulgate – Pirate Radio
Rich’s Pick – Exodus – Bonded by Blood
Jeff’s Pick – The Cramps – Eyeball in My Martini
The Tritons – Energy
Black Roses – Soldiers of the Night
Black Roses – Me Against the World
Chuck’s Pick – Killswitch Engage – Holy Diver
Fastway – After Midnight
Jeremy’s Pick – Rolo Tomassi – Sakia
Zach’s Pick – The 69 Eyes – Devils
Chuck Conry – Edwin Cullen is Dead
Chuck Conry – I Googled Murder
For the outro medley here are the songs:
Galactic Cowboys – If I Were A Killer
Meshuggah – New Millenium Cyanide Christ
Testament – Down For Life
Pantera – Shedding Skin
331ERock – Metal Meets Halloween
King Diamond – Halloween

Horrorphilia Presents Jeremy’s Halloween DJ Mix

Horrorphilia Jeremy has unleashed his Halloween D.J. mix. Perfect to jam out and dance to on All Hallow’s Eve.
 Download from here.

Chuck Conry – Night Terrors

Just in time for Halloween, Chuck is back stronger than ever with his latest album dropping knowledge, while entertaining you more than the local strip club. Including hit tracks such as Edward Cullen Is Dead, It’s Dangerous Business Logging On To Check Facebook, Jimmy (Deepthroat Full Sequence) and many more! Dudes get ready to bob your heads and ladies be prepared for those panty waistbands to feel a little bit looser. Make sure you check out Chuck’s blog over at

Download the podcast from here.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Horrorphilia Presents Ghouls Night Out Part 2

Inker Bella and Roxsy Tyler of the Carnival of Horror joined Char for the second part of her Girls Night Out Halloween Special podcast. Bianca Barnett and Cindy Maples were unable to join for due to conflict of scheduling. They will both be welcome to come on future shows.
Char had a blast talking with Inker Bella and Roxsy from Tacos, Cotton candy scented perfume to Zombies and Haunted Houses…we covered a wide range of topics and got to know one another in process.
Inker Bella
Roxsy Tyler

Friday, October 28, 2011

Dark Discussions Episode 027 - Halloween Special Top Ten

Horror film fans, welcome to a special edition of Dark Discussions. Horror, horror, and more horror. We drop the science fiction, the techno-thrillers, and the fantasy films for a straight out take on the films that make Samhain and Halloween the time of year we all love. But what makes a great horror film? What keeps us up at night? And most importantly what makes us shift in our seats while we watch a good horror tale at a cinema or on a television?
Who hasn’t done top ten lists? Until now, Dark Discussions has not. Now that we are at the midyear point of our existence and you, listeners, know us through your iPods and computers, we figured it was time to list the films that make us get that little knot of dread in our stomachs when we watch them. Eric, Philip, and Mike present each their top ten lists of horror. You won’t find any films on our lists for historical importance. No Nosferatu, no Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Simply horror and only horror.
For a hint of what we have for you, we each put together our own top ten mostly based on production value, rewatchability, and impact on our fear level. Mike has two directors with two films each represented. Philip has one director with two films on his list, but a different director than the two Mike has listed. And only one film is represented on all three lists. Philip gives his in alphabetical order while Eric and Mike are much more confident in their rankings.
Dark Discussions would like to salute you, faithful listeners, for letting us discuss with you the things which scare us these past six months. So to all of you, a very hardy thank you. 

To Download the podcast click here.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dark Discussions Episode 26 - 2011's Rock and Shock

2011's Rock and Shock horror convention, October 14th-16th, was once again an absolute success during the month of Halloween. Fans were able to meet some of their favorite horror actors, actresses, and novelists and then mingle with such movie monster icons as Jason Voorhees, ChromeSkull, and Freddy Krueger. In attendance were genre favorites Bill Moseley, Kane Hodder, Camille Keaton, Ian McCulloch, Robert Englund, Monique Dupree, Sarah French, and Joe Knetter just to name a few.
Dark Discussions, as press agents, were able to interview a number of folks including some of the cast and crew of the film Inkubus, Robert Englund’s new monster flick which world premiered with Mr. Englund in attendance (Episode 025 of Dark Discussions focuses exclusively on the film).
With this second part of the convention coverage, Gordon and Philip were able to interview some of the more famous folks in attendance including such talents as Bill Moseley of  the Devil’s Rejects and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 2, Camille Keaton of I Spit On Your Grave and What Have You Done to Solange?, Joe Knetter author and screenwriter, and Ian McCulloch of Zombi and Zombie Holocaust but also a number of up and comers including the cast and crew of the new and exciting independent production entitled Serena and the Ratts.
Dark Discussions would like to thank Rock and Shock for their hospitality. As in prior years, Rock and Shock was a complete success and based off what the attendees said, they can't wait for next year.
Download the podcast from here.
In order of appearance within the episode:

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Horrorphilia Presents Girls Night Out #4 Part 1

Char’s guests this special evening: Devanny Pinn, Maria Olsen, Marie Lynn and Michelle Shields. The ladies talked careers and upcoming events,shared Halloween stories, insights and Marie Lynn scored my favorite quote of the night, with what she thinks about when she hears the word HALLOWEEN for her answer and more click the link or player and enjoy.
You can download it from here. 

Vicis Interimo Episode 93: The Devils Backbone

Welcome to episode 93! This week we discuss 'The Devil's Backbone', a 2001 Spanish horror/thriller directed by Guillermo del Toro. Stay tuned to the end of the show after the final music, as we make some additional comments regarding the title of the movie. Our 'laid to rest' segment didn't have much... just a confirmation that we didn't care for last week's movie! Lori (that's me) mentions once again the totally awesome Harry Potter fanfiction 'Rise of the Phoenix'. Our 'Garbage In- Garbage Out' segment is short, as we haven't had the time this week to watch many movies or shows. Short mentions include the TV shows 'Person of Interest' and 'Terra Nova', as well as Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland'.
The Devil's Backbone: El Espinazo del Diablo (2001) R:
Twelve-year-old Carlos (Fernando Tielve) is the latest arrival at Santa Lucia School, an imposing stone building that shelters orphans of the Republican militia and politicians during the last days of the Spanish Civil War. Carlos gradually uncovers the dark ties that bind the inhabitants of the school: hidden riches, sexual intrigue and the restless ghost of a murdered student, who may be the only one to provide resolution.

Download it from here.
The Devil's Backbone Trailer...
St Bernadette - the incorrupt body...
Scene from 'The Song of Bernadette'...
Rise of the Phoenix... a Harry Potter fanfiction worth reading...

Dark Discussions Podcast #25 - Robert Englund's Inkubus

Episode 025 - Robert Englund's Inkubus

Inkubus, a new and exciting horror movie, filmed in Rhode Island and starring Robert Englund, William Forsythe, Joey Fatone, and Jonathan Silverman, premiered on October 15th, 2011 at the horror convention Rock and Shock in Worcester, Massachusetts. Dark Discussions was able to attend and both prior and after the viewing received full access to the film makers as well as a number of the cast and crew. Philip and Gordon interview talented first time director Glenn Ciano and learn first hand about his vision and the background of an incredibly powerful horror film. Also Ben DeLuca, the cinematographer, ponders his role and what makes it one of the most frightening movie experiences in psychological horror to date.
The film extends to a limited release on October 28th, 2011 right in time for Halloween and by early 2012 will be available on demand to over 80 million homes. Philip and Gordon give their thoughts on a very scary and well made film but first listen to Robert Englund and William Forsythe during round table discussions and interview various members of the cast and crew. As if in attendance with Dark Discussions, all our listeners get passes behind the curtain and learn first hand from all the participants about not only the making of this top notch film but also possibly a new horror franchise around a villain simply known as Inkubus.
You can download it by clicking here.

Dark Discussions Podcast Episode 24: Review of The Thing (2011)

Episode 024 - Review of 2011's The Thing

Probably one of the most highly anticipated films in years and also one of the most dreaded films in years as fans of John Carpenter’s The Thing have fallen on either side of the fence on whether anything should be done to his classic film. Some have been waiting for a second film featuring the 1982 universe that John Carpenter created while others have been horrified that this is just Hollywood once more attempting to make a new franchise. The new film simply entitled The Thing (2011) is released with a large marketing campaign at the right time of year only weeks prior to Halloween. With hot, hip, and beautiful actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead starring, and with a plot that takes place immediately prior to the beginnings of John Carpenter’s film, the question many had days leading up to its release would be whether fans and critics would embrace this new take on John W. Campbell’s novella, Who Goes There?
Eric, Philip, and Mike come together to discuss and review the film. With little to no spoilers, a thorough and honest review with three different perspectives should most certainly give Dark Discussions listeners all they need to know before their own viewing of the film. This episode concludes with the mail bag from listeners who give their opinions on The Omen and what Dark Discussions had to say about it in Episode 022. Once more, your hosts express gratitude for your feedback and ask for you to continue to send in opinions, potential topics, and anything else on your mind.
You can download the podcast by clicking here.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Mavens of Horror Podcast #2

The Mavens of Horror discuss 2 Ghost Story Movies and Fx's new tv show American Horror Story. All this plus moonshine, grocery Stores, and other stimulating topics.
Download the podcast from here.


It’s getting closer to Halloween and what better way to celebrate in the new millennium than with a bunch of remakes?
Not all is lost because the new indie serial killer character piece, A Horrible Way to Die is featured by Directer Adam Wingard. It is both refreshing and entertaining!
Then its on to the fabled story before the remake, The Thing Zero! Or is that The Thing 2011? Either way its a new film featuring our favorite shape shifting creepy crawly. Is this one worth your Halloween bucks? Tune in to find out!
Finally its a return to one of my favorite segments, Controversy focusing on Halloween itself, or more accurately the remake of the sequel to the original that was remade a couple years ago by none other than Rob Zombie himself! Is there any other artist out there who inspires such hatred, such enmity? Check it out and make sure you share your opinions about this contentious filmmaker!
Attention: I have activated the old feed on itunes so that you can download older episodes of the podcast that haven’t been added to the new feed. Get them while you can!
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Sounds of Horror 2011

"Hey People! It's that time of year...for the Sounds Of Horror Podcast! The 2011 edition is 2 hours of some of your favorite (and not so favorite) horror film scores. So sit back and relax with some surreal tunes and then go watch some good classic horror films to top it off."
You can download it from here.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Body Count Podcast – Episode 20 – Michael Cut the Phone Lines Again

Reviews of Halloween 3, 4 ,5, and 6
Listen here.
Download from here.

Vicis Interimo Episode 92, (Actual) Crazy as hell

Episode 92, (Actual) Crazy as hell, Vicis Interimo
Wow, tough show to edit and tough to record, mostly because we have been working so hard to past our test. Thanks to our cotributers, 'Big' Bri and Al and to the new folks that have joined us on facebook. We take a look at a crappy movie, but fist we hear from AL about last weeks show and from Brian about the new 'the THING' movie. We talk about Crazy as Hell and then move on to GIGO and talk about Morning Glory and Avatar: the last air bender.
Body Count Podcast

 Crazy as Hell(2002) R
Ty Adams (Mike Beach) is an outlaw psychiatrist whose nontraditional approach has made him a hero in some circles and a kook in others. He meets his intellectual match in a male patient (Eriq La Salle) claiming to be Satan, and it may just be the doctor, not the patient, who unravels right before the watchful gaze of filmmakers recording Adams's exploits for a documentary. Eriq La Salle also directed the film.
Crazy as Hell Trailer...
Morning Glory Trailer...
The Last Airbender Trailer...

Click here to download.

Dark Discussions Podcast Episode 023 - The STate of Vampires Part 2

As the 1990’s begin, the tale of nosferatu, the vampire, follows many different approaches that quite differ from the historical monster known to be the spawn of hell and an enemy of Christianity and the Roman Catholic Church. With Anne Rice’s 1973 novel Interview With the Vampire produced for the big screen, vampires, though still quite violent and horrific, start to take on a new face. Romantic themes permeate the back story as death and loss follow every move of the creatures of the night. Vampires as central characters become the focus of such films.
As protagonists and antiheroes, the vampire becomes an individual that film audiences are more able to feel for but as a result the horror element begins to fade from the mythos. Stories such as Underworld and Blade make the monster almost appear as if they are superheroes. Action and stylized violence brings a rebirth to a tired genre but also makes fans of the traditional monster wish for the bygone days.
While such series as the Twilight Saga bring in a new audience of fans, those searching for the vampire as a monster are offered such films as 30 Days of Night, Stakeland and Let the Right One In bringing hope to the devotee of traditional vampires. Other takes include a scientific approach such as Daybreakers, a gothic return to the Hammer days with Lesbian Vampire Killers, the Korean film Thirst filled with Catholicism essentials, and a coming of age horror tale The Hamiltons.
Dark Discussions continues with their second part of their vampire retrospective. Philip and Mike talk about how the vampire has changed these past few years and what it means to cinema and the history of the monster. From Dusk Till Dawn to 2011’s Fright Night, though the vampire may have changed, their taste for human blood has not. Come listen, faithful listeners, as we all wait for the sun to rise.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dark Discussions Podcast Episode 022 - The Omen

Throughout millennia the devil has caused more fear in the hearts of humanity than any other being. The incarnate of evil and the ruler of hell, Satan has tempted the fate of man from the very beginning. When St. John the Divine wrote the Book of Revelations in which the end of the world was to come, he described that prior to the closing stages of the present, a man would come that would lead an apocalypse. And that man would be the antichrist, the son of Satan.
In the late 1960’s, specifically in the United States of America, a fear of demonic and satanic cults swept the nation. Churches and communities became paranoid with the changes to society and at points were taken with the belief that all was related to the devil himself and his power over humanity. Following the wave of hysteria, culture followed where authors and movie producers took note and began producing suspenseful horror fiction that went straight to the top of best seller lists and box office gross.
In the mid 1970’s 20th Century Fox released the Richard Donner directed film, The Omen, a story about a little boy from a wealthy political family that may be much more than what he actually seems to be. With Jerry Goldsmith’s Academy Award winning score, with Gregory Peck starring, surrounded by a great supporting cast, the movie was critically well received, triumphed at the box office, and has become a classic in the same breath with such films as The Godfather, Star Wars, and On the Water Front.
Dark Discussions’ hosts, Eric and Philip, converse about the film in detail and how it has resonated with both film historians as well as horror fans alike. With its fantastic screenplay, great acting, and fabulous score, every fan of film, never mind horror stories, should partake in the viewing of this spectacular movie.
Download the podcast by going here.

The Dark Hours: Episode 25: The Human Centipede Extravaganza

It is time to reflect on the cultural zeitgeist that is The Human Centipede.
In this special Dark Cut edition of the Human Centipede, we discuss our reflections, expectations and realizations about the first movie, then in the second half we review the new sequel out in theaters everywhere.
Spoilers abound, so make sure that you have seen the first and also make sure you wanna know about the second one. Most importantly, let us know what you think.
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