Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dark Discussions Episode 32 AnthoCon

Stated on their website, AnthoCon is northern New England’s only speculative fiction convention (which) showcases imaginative brilliance in speculative fiction and art, with an additional focus on the convergence of images and literature. Dark Discussions attended the convention as members of the media to mingle with fellow attendees, meet the various guests, and interview folks both famous and up and comers who’ve written novels, short stories, comics, and presented art in all the subgenres of the fantastic: horror, science fiction, fantasy, techno-thrillers, thrillers, and mysteries.
In Episode 030, cohost Philip interviewed best selling horror authors Jonathan Maberry and Gord Rollo. With the latest episode of Dark Discussions, we interview other authors and artists who have spectacular genre work that all listeners of the show should not only know about but also partake in their works. Publishers like Evil Jester Press, Pink Narcissus, Raw Dog Screaming Press, and By Light Unseen Media promoted their novels and anthologies. The next generation of authors were selling their works and signing their books. Fantasy artists from the ilk of such famous artists as Frank Frazetta, Simon Bisley, and Boris Vallejo sold originals and copies of their artwork. Hand in hand with all this was a presentation of the history of absinthe followed by a tasting from the convention’s sponsor Lucid absinthe out of New Orleans.
Put on your reader’s cap and grab a pen so you can start jotting down the names of all the horror and genre books that should be next on your reading queue. 

Vicis Interimo #97 Insidious

Welcome to episode 97! This week's movie is 'Insidious', the 2011 movie from the makers of Paranormal Activity and Saw. This movie was a nice surprise for both of us! Short topics include discussion of the movies 'Temple Grandin', 'How to Train Your Dragon', 'Bean', and the new Science Channel series 'Prophets of Science Fiction'. Other short bits include 'Fringe' character Lincoln Lee, and actor Cillian Murphy (that's pronounced 'Killian'!). smiley

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Insidious: Josh and Renai confront terrifying tribulations when their son falls into a coma and his body starts to attract malevolent forces. But when the family moves, hoping to leave the evil spirits behind, they realize their problems are only beginning.

Insidious... Trailer...
Temple Grandin... Trailer...
How to Train Your Dragon... Trailer...
Bean: The Movie... Trailer...
Prophets of Science Fiction... promotional...
Fringe (and Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee) is awesome. smiley...
One of the many many reasons Lori loves Batman Begins... Cillian Murphy!

Horrorphilia Podcast #67 Rage, The Pack, The Human Centipede 2, and Attack The Block

Horrorphilia Jason has left the building and Gonzo takes over as the new host. They review indie horror movie Rage, the controversial The Human Centipede 2, British sensation Attack the Block, and French horror flick The Pack. Do they carry on the Horrorphilia Legacy with pride and dignity, or do they crash and burn? Listen to find out.
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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Horrorphilia Podcast #66 Motorcycle Mania #2

We’re back with part 2 of our Motorcycle themed horror movies. This time the movies are reviewed by Mr. Massacre, Sir Ass Cock, Serbian Donkey Punch, Z Nightmarez, Adolf Oliver Bush III, and The Night Felcher. Don’t miss our scintillating reviews of horror classics – Chopper Chicks in Zombietown, Zombie Bikers From Detroit, Travellers, and Psychomania. Leave any feedback for the show or if you want to participate in Horrorphilia Recommends at our email address or leave us a voiceimal at 512-524-7817. Subscribe to all of the Horrorphilia Network of Podcasts by using our podcast feed:
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Bart's Podcast #2 Way of the Gun, A Nightmare On Elm Street

In the episode I review Way of the Gun and A Nightmare on Elm St. (remake). I also sit down for an interview with Frank from the fearshop podcast. The music of The Geto Boys is featured. Download from here.

Bart's Podcast #1 Near Dark and The Salton Sea

In this episode I discuss the old show, the new show, and what I’ve been up to. I also review The Salton Sea and Near Dark. Oh yeah, I also sit down with James Strite for an interview. Download from here.

Vicis Interimo Episode #96 Mirrors Supplemental

This is 20 Minutes that was cut from the first show. It contains spoilers, but has some more of what we thought about the movie and the supernatural in general. There are also a few more points on ‘return to Africa’s Witch Children’ and what is being done to them. This is more of a experiment than anything right now, so let us know what you think about the supplement. Good or BAD at or on our facebook page.
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Mirrors Trailer
Mirrors Official (RED) trailer...
Return to Africa's Witch Children...
Stepping Stones Nigeria. Donations help support the children...

Dark Discussions Episode 031 - John Huston Focus: 1956's Moby Dick

Dark Discussions heads to the high seas with one of the greatest yet dark adventure films of all time, John Huston’s 1956’s Moby Dick. The film starring Gregory Peck has a screenplay written by one of America’s greatest authors and was based on the novel written by yet another one of America’s greatest novelists. Ray Bradbury, the science fiction author, weaves an adaption faithful to Herman Melville’s original tale, taking dialogue straight from the source material and not only highlighting the novel’s strengths but bringing a foreboding supernatural sense to a doomed journey lead by a man set out for vengeance against a beast that may be more than just an animal.
The saga of Captain Ahab, a man who but a few years earlier lost not only part of his soul but also his leg during an encounter with the white whale, delves into the depths of such high concept themes as good versus evil, mental illness, the cult of personality, the class system, and man’s place in the universe and whether God exists. John Huston’s screen direction takes a mystical turn in regards to an animal that should not exist never mind the superstition that plays upon the minds of the sailors through such phenomena as St. Elmo’s fire and an animal that appears as a thinking and intelligent monster.
Co-hosts Eric and Philip discuss such topics as megalomania, monomania, anthropomorphism, sociopathology, personality cults, and mental illness as it applies to the two main antagonists, Moby Dick and Captain Ahab. Going through the film and analyzing its themes, Dark Discussions brings to the listeners a view filled with the main elements of any great thriller yet encompassing the plot points of a tale that draws upon Biblical, literary, and classical sources which are filled with existential theories. Once again, Dark Discussions welcomes you listener as we partake in our search of the White Whale! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Body Count Podcast – Episode 22 – Thanksgiving with Mutants

Wrong Turn 1-4, ThanksKilling, Home Sweet Home (Killer in the House), and “To Build a Fire”
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Dark Discussions #30 Jonathan Maberry and Gord Rollo (Anthocon 2011)

For horror fiction fans, Jonathan Maberry and Gord Rollo are two of the most popular horror writers to bring frights and chills to readers throughout the world. Jonathan Maberry is a New York Times best selling author and has won such prestigious awards as the Bram Stoker Award for best first novel. His career includes ten horror and techno-thriller novels including books about zombies, werewolves, both pre and post apocalyptic worlds, and bio genetic monsters. He has contributed to numerous horror and genre anthologies plus is a comic book freelance author.
Gord Rollo has four published novels including Jigsaw Man, Valley of the Scarecrow, Strange Magic, and Crimson. From a modern day Frankenstein to deals with the devil, his novels have become favorites of readers who love horror based in real world settings as well as those focusing within the supernatural. His short fiction has been part of some of the more popular horror anthologies.
Dark Discussions was able to interview both authors at the Portsmouth, NH (U.S.A.) 2011’s Anthocon speculative writers and artists convention focusing on such genres as horror, fantasy, science fiction, techno-thrillers, thrillers, and mysteries. Both Jonathan Maberry and Gord Rollo read for attendees and were able to answer questions for fans and readers alike. Each were kind enough to take some time with cohost Philip. Some highlights include Jonathan Maberry taking us through a funny story between himself, Charlaine Harris (author of True Blood) and Jeff Lindsay (author of Dexter). Also while interviewing Gord Rollo we have an appearance by Brian Keene. But both Jonathan Maberry and Gord Rollo let the listeners know more about their work, their writing, and all that goes bump in the night. 

Dark Discussions #29 The State of Vampire Part 3

As the modern vampire haunts cinemas, video games, and graphic novels, the best selling author Charlaine Harris creates within the written page a mind reading woman named Sookie Stackhouse who lives in an alternate yet present day world where vampires, werewolves and witches roam through a land unhidden and unafraid of humans and their superstition. True Blood, HBO’s riveting television series, created by producer Alan Ball takes Charlaine Harris’s stories to the small screen. With its elements of extreme exploitation and violence but having the traits of soap opera and romance, the series has reinvented vampires and the classic monsters once more. Paying homage to 1970’s blood and boobs drive-in fair and the violent yet romantic novels of Anne Rice, True Blood has been so successful that the production of a fifth season has begun. Dark Discussions discusses the success of the show and how it has taken television by storm.
But what about less familiar vampire films? Your hosts, Mike and Philip, cite some films and programs that any vampire fan should know about. Mike mentions the Nicholas Cage film Vampire Kiss, the short lived television show Kindred the Embrace, Mario Bava’s classic film Black Sunday, and the Hammer Film Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter. Philip speaks enthusiastically about the movies Vampyres, Daughters of Darkness, and The Blood Spattered Bride, three of the most influential drive in horror vampire films of all time. Also discussed are the two Ingrid Pitt Hammer Films, Countess Dracula and the Vampire Lovers, possibly two of the best takes on the vampire.
But what of other media? Two of the better vampire novels Vampyrrhic by Simon Clark and The Traveling Vampire Show by Richard Laymon are discussed. Anime has been a staple of the vampire. Such shows as Dance of the Vampire Bund, Blood+, Vampire Hunter D, and Trinity Blood have large audiences. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel brought producer Joss Whedon to stardom. The CW's The Vampire Diaries has been a huge hit.  The Vertigo/DC Comics graphic novel Preacher was highly influential and a throwback to the old horror comics of bygone years. Some new vampire films have become available such as the Japanese film Blood starring Aya Sugimoto and the German film We Are the Night. And two upcoming additions to the vampire film are soon to hit the big screen, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp’s Dark Shadows and Dario Argento’s Dracula 3D. Dark Discussions brings to light all these topics and more. Take out your rosary beads and pray that you can finish listening before the night falls. 

Vicis Interimo #96 Mirrors

Welcome to episode 96! This week we discuss Alexandre Aja's 'Mirrors', starring Kiefer Sutherland. We also talk a bit about 'The Terminal', 'Clash of the Titans', and the documentary titled 'Return to Africa's Witch Children'. We watched an awesome 'Bully Beatdown' this week, so had to mention it and post a link to the fight. It's awesome, so check it out! smiley Our Laid to Rest segment was a bit short this week, but we look forward to sharing some of Slug's opinions of last week's movie 'The Last Exorcism' ... listen for it next week! Thanks for joining us. Mirrors (R) 2008- This creepy supernatural thriller from director Alexandre Aja stars Kiefer Sutherland as troubled security guard Ben Carson, a man who discovers malevolent spirits living within the mirrors of a fire-ravaged department store. When their murderous nature comes to light, Ben turns to his estranged wife (Paula Patton) to help him save their family -- and himself. The supporting cast includes Amy Smart and Jason Flemyng.

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Mirrors Trailer
Mirrors Official (RED) trailer...
Magnificent 7 (1960) trailer 1
Bully Beatdown... (Mayhem beats down a bully) ...
The Clash of the Titans Trailer
The Terminal - Trailer
9 Absurd Movie Premises That Actually Happened
Return to Africa's Witch Children...
Stepping Stones Nigeria. Donations help support the children...

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Dark Discussions Episode 028 - Christopher Smith Focus: 2009's Triangle

Episode 028 - Christopher Smith Focus: 2009's Triangle

Dark Discussions continues their four episode focus on Christopher Smith and his films.
In 2009, genre favorite, Christopher Smith, directs and screen writes his latest feature film, Triangle, a story that appears to be many things at once before turning itself into a tremendous opus and arguably one of the top horror films in over a decade. Fangoria magazine even trumps that and states it to be one of the top 300 greatest horror films of all time. Your hosts at Dark Discussions not only agree but also give their own praise upon a fantastic film by a fantastic film maker. The film stars genre favorite Melissa George in arguably the best performance of her career. Not only has she cemented herself as a modern day scream queen but with Triangle she shows she is an overlooked actress both in performance and beauty.
On a beautiful sunny day not far from the stunning beaches of Miami, she, her boyfriend, and a group of their friends head out on an all day Saturday sailing cruise. The tranquil setting is suddenly interrupted by ominous storm clouds and a mysterious distress call from an unknown person. What seems to be a standard chronicle about a ghost ship suddenly veers into a story that may be anything from mental instability to the manifestation of hell on the high seas. With its atmospheric setting, its slow uncomfortable burn, and one of the most iconic visuals ever in horror film, Triangle is a movie that any true horror fan must see.
Dark Discussions brings their view to this horror cinema masterpiece. Discussing the background of the plot, Eric and Philip thrash out the intricate detail Christopher Smith put into the screenwriting and how he was able to tie everything together within an ambiguous story that leaves the viewer guessing at every turn. As the backdrop, the Bermuda Triangle and its mythos penetrate every scene from the opening placard until the bitter end. Listeners, get ready for a podcast about a film that every horror fan must see. Even after the credits have rolled all who’ve experienced this motion picture will be left with conjecture and maybe even nightmares. 

Vicis Interimo Episode #95 The Last Exorcism

The Last Exorcism(2010) PG-13
Ready to expose his miraculous deeds as mere trickery, Rev. Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian) invites a documentary crew to film his final exorcism. But when the devil actually possesses a girl's body, Marcus must regain his faith and engage in the fight of his life. Produced by Eli Roth and directed by Daniel Stamm, this frighteningly realistic horror movie also stars Ashley Bell, Iris Bahr and Louis Herthum.

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The Last Exorcism Trailer (2010)
American Horror Story FX New Trailer
Dragonslayer trailer
THE EXORCIST - Trailer - HQ - (1973)
TERRA NOVA - Behind the Scenes: The Sixers
The New World Trailer
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Trailer