Friday, October 21, 2011


It’s getting closer to Halloween and what better way to celebrate in the new millennium than with a bunch of remakes?
Not all is lost because the new indie serial killer character piece, A Horrible Way to Die is featured by Directer Adam Wingard. It is both refreshing and entertaining!
Then its on to the fabled story before the remake, The Thing Zero! Or is that The Thing 2011? Either way its a new film featuring our favorite shape shifting creepy crawly. Is this one worth your Halloween bucks? Tune in to find out!
Finally its a return to one of my favorite segments, Controversy focusing on Halloween itself, or more accurately the remake of the sequel to the original that was remade a couple years ago by none other than Rob Zombie himself! Is there any other artist out there who inspires such hatred, such enmity? Check it out and make sure you share your opinions about this contentious filmmaker!
Attention: I have activated the old feed on itunes so that you can download older episodes of the podcast that haven’t been added to the new feed. Get them while you can!
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