Monday, August 29, 2011

Vicis Interimo Podcast #87

Welcome to episode 87! This week we discuss the 2009 remake of The Stepfather. Sadly, this version is missing the magic found in the original. Jason from the Horrorphilia podcast sent in his review of this movie, so you can hear that here as well. We also get to talk about the dark and gritty movie 'The Proposition', starring Guy Pearce and Emily Watson, which we really enjoyed. For our listeners who are Harry Potter fans, we share an awesome fanfiction which picks up at the end of Deathly Hallows. It begins as an alternate ending, with Voldemort winning the battle and Harry pronounced dead. This is a darker, more mature story... it's a must read. We want to thank all of our new listeners for tuning in... and a big hello and thank you to our two new listeners in Belguim! We'd also like to thank those of you who joined our Vicis Interimo fan page on Facebook this week!

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Sorry Mike I missed reading this on air...
Mike R.
realized I should recommend the movie Mr. Brooks (w/ Kevin Costner, Demi Moore and William Hurt)... It's listed as a thriller, but has some great moments and stuff that could be borderline horror (Costner is a serial killer!).
(from Jason)
Heres the trailer with the scene of the movie thats not in the actual movie that I talk about.
Horrorphilia Podcast...
The Proposition Trailer...
Rise of the Phoenix: a Harry Potter fanfiction...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Horrorphilia’s Much Of Madness/More of Sin Podcast #6

In the 6th episode of Horrorphilia’s ‘Much of Madness/More of Sin’ podcast, we review Broken Lizard’s 2004 slasher spoof, ‘Club Dread’ …the 1975 Cronenberg classic, ‘Shivers (a.k.a. They Came from Within)’ …1990′s ‘There’s Nothing Out There’ …the 1980 killer crab movie, ‘Island Claws’ …the 2008 British slasher, ‘Flick’ …and the 1986 cult classic, ‘Neon Maniacs’.
We also run down some of the new stuff that’s rumored to be in production and discuss the 2010 indie short, ‘Trilogy of Blood’ from Ruckus Productions.
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Music by: ‘Bill Paxton (a.k.a. Coconut Pete)’, ‘Wir’ and ‘The Cramps’
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Horrorphilia Podcast #64

We pulled out our smelling salts and barf bags in preparation for this episode. Suggested to us by listener Mark R (sick bastard), we make our way through such intense flicks such as Snuff 102, Nekromantik, Aftermath, Grotesque, Mermaid in a Manhole and Flower of Flesh and Blood. Also this plus a sick song, Family Guy and we berate one of our own for actually getting some lyrics right (oops)! Download from here, Itunes or your favorite podcatcher. Please send feedback to and voicemail line is 512-524-7817. Download from here.

Horrorcore Podcast Episode #16


Episode 16 1979

  • In this episode I bury the hatchet and sit down to do an interview with members of a rival podcast. I also talk about the horror movies of 1979. Special thanks to Root Rot and Chris Conduit for thier contributions.
  • As always I can be reached at or at 269-823-9037
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Vicis Interimo Podcast Episode #86 The Stepfather 2

Episode 86: The Stepfather 2, starring Terry O'Quinn. Welcome to the show, and thanks so much for listening! We've had to upgrade our account with Podomatic due to the high volume of listeners lately... so thanks! We certainly appreciate it. smiley
After discussing this week's movie, we go on to talk about other movies we've seen this week, including Easy A, The Wrestler, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the series 'Torchwood: Miracle Day'. Other short topics include the 'Slugcast' and Lori's encounters with celebrities (Bill Goldberg and David Arquette). We also decide that we've rated this week's movie too low as we discuss it... by the end of the review, we both bump up our rating. Thanks again to everyone for listening... and a very warm greeting and thank you to our new listeners in France and Colombia!

Photographs of Dreams
The Stepfather 2 (1989) Trailer
At first we thought maybe it was the fashion police coming to get her. smiley
Maddie's Death in Stepfather 2 (1989)
The Wrestler - Official Trailer
Official Easy A Trailer - In Theaters 9/17
Torchwood: Miracle Day - Official Trailer
"Ravenous" Scenes- David Arquette
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Vicis Intermio Episode 85: The Stepfather

Welcome to episode 85. This week we cover the original 'The Stepfather', starring Terry O'Quin. Once again, we go way over our goal of 30 minutes... and we've decided it is because Lori talks WAY too much. smiley Short topics include the very good (true story) movie 'Secretariat', Lori's love of John Malkovich, The Oblongs, and the artwork of Sebastian Munster (1488-1552).

The Stepfather(1986) R
In this acclaimed thriller classic, Jerry Blake (Terry O'Quinn) expects only one thing from his family -- perfection -- and when he doesn't get it, he doesn't just get angry, he goes mad: completely, psychopathically, homicidally mad. After brutally dispatching one clan, Jerry sets up shop with a single mom (Shelley Hack) and her brooding teen daughter (Jill Schoelen), who immediately suspects there's something not quite right about her dear old stepdad.

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The Stepfather (1987) Fan-Made trailer
Secretariat - Belmont Stakes 1973
The Oblongs - Opening Credits

Horrorphilia Interviews Podcast: Horrorphilia’s Char Hardin goes One on One with Billy Pon

This episode Char goes one on one with Billy Pon the director of the hit short film Doll Boy. They discuss haunted houses, Poncherella, music, mayhem and more. Click here to get the download.