Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Horrorphilia Recommends Podcast #1

Welcome to the debut episode of The Horrorphilia Network of Podcasts latest concotion, Horrorphilia Recommends Podcast. This is a collaboration effort with podcasters from Horrorphilia, Much of Madness/More of Sin, Grey from The Dark Hours, and Cash from Horror 101. We have tons of horror movie reviews and recommendations plus the dvd release schedule for the month of October. The cool thing about this podcast is it’s open for anyone to participate. If you have a horror movie you want to review and recommend then shoot us an email at or . The review just needs to be in an audio format and be between 3-10 minutes long.You can feel free to plug any podcast, blog, project or anything else you want to. We can even edit it for you to include music, clips or whatever you desire. You can stream or download from here, Itunes or your favorite podcatcher. You can get all future Horrorphilia Recommends using by using the following feed:
Download the podcast by going here.

Show Notes:
Grey and The Dark Hours podcast can be found over at
Cash and Horror 101 podcast is located at
Updates on these fine podcasts plus more can also be found over at

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