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Vicis Interimo 101: The Rite

Welcome to episode 101! This week we discuss the 2011 movie 'The Rite', starring Anthony Hopkins. Since this show was recorded on Christmas Eve, and we had a chaotic week leading up to it, we had only a few topics to discuss... The terrific science fiction movie 'Sunshine' (starring Lori's favorite Cillian Murphy), the season finale of 'American Horror Story', and our Christmas Eve trip to Knott's Berry Farm. Thanks for joining us... and Happy Holidays to everyone! smiley
The Rite
201, PG-13, 112 minutes
Despite his conviction that demonic possession is just so much supersitious mumbo jumbo, Catholic priest-in-training Michael Kovak (Colin O'Donoghue) journeys to Rome to attend a special exorcism school being taught at the Vatican. Before long, true-believer Father Lucas (Anthony Hopkins) introduces the young cleric to the devil's power firsthand. Director Mikael Håfström helms this graphic supernatural thriller inspired by a true story.

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'The Rite' trailer...
'Sunshine' trailer...
'American Horror Story' season finale promo...

Dark Discussions Podcast Episode 037 - Infectious Diseases in Horror

At times infectious diseases in horror films seem to be the cause of such horrible things as zombie outbreaks or alien plagues that spread throughout the planet and kill everyone and anything. 28 Days Later, Stephen King’s The Stand, The Crazies, and Stake Land are just a few examples of this. The disease itself is just the spark for a theme that takes different paths than the story of the plague itself. Yet both film and fiction have actually used diseases as the main theme behind their plot where together sickness and paranoia spread and each become the antagonist of the premise.
With the home release of director Steven Soderbergh’s film Contagion infectious diseases once more are the forefront of table talk. Antibacterial gel, sexually transmitted disease, terrorist threats, swine flu, contaminated food … society has become not only more aware of such threats but also more fearful. Michael Crichton’s Andromeda Strain, Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever, and Masayuki Ochiai’s Infection are just some of the takes in art on how an infectious disease may extend through a group or population.
Dark Discussions discusses the impact of how such real world threats have brought about some films and novels of significance to the fan of techno-thrillers and horror cinema. Unlike zombie plagues, a disease itself can be based in the possibility of fact as much as a movie about war or natural disaster. With that in mind, this type of cinema or fiction can be more frightful than anything supernatural. Co-hosts Mike and Philip take a look into these nightmares. Before we begin let’s all press once more on our antibacterial gel hand pump.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Vicis Interimo Podcast #100 Splice and the top 5 movies of the past 99 shows

Welcome to episode 100! This week we both pick our top 5 favorite 'new' movies from our first 99 podcasts. We each give our top 5 and then name our 5 runners up. It wasn't easy picking favorites. smiley We begin with a discussion of the movie 'Splice' and then go right in to our top picks. Other topics this week include the movies 'Devil' and 'Predators', and the TV show 'Grimm'.
Splice (2009) R:
Ignoring instructions from the pharmaceutical company that funds their research, groundbreaking genetic scientists Elsa (Sarah Polley) and Clive (Adrien Brody) continue with an unorthodox experiment to create a human-animal hybrid, a new life form they dub "Dren" (Delphine Chanéac). When they see their fantastical creation, Clive warns that it should be destroyed, but Elsa refuses -- a decision she'll regret when Dren makes deadly plans of her own.

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Jay's Ball & Chain Podcast
'Splice' trailer...
'Devil' trailer...
'Predators' trailer...
'Grim' trailer...
Madsaxxon's Top Pick...
Lori's Top Pick...

The Dark Cut: Rare Exports (2010)

Christmas is right around the corner so Grey and The Cutter are getting in the spirit by watching Rare Exports, a foreign horror film from Finland that bases it’s whole premise on a very scary santa claus, indeed. A lot of people believe Rare Exports to be the new christmas, horror classic but do Grey and The Cutter believe?
The Dark Cut is a joint, spin off podcast that combines the power of The Cutter from The Cut Up and Grey from The dARk HOurs into one fulfilling show!
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Body Count Podcast #23 Christmas Horror

Rare Exports, Santa’s Slay, Gremlins, Silent Night Deadly Night, Chillerama, Open Door
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Dark Discussions Podcast Episode 036 - Martyrs (2008)

What does it say to the viewer when the director, on a DVD edition, has an introduction to a film where he apologizes for what you are about to see? French director Pascal Laugier writes and directs the co-produced French and Quebec, Canadian feature film Martyrs starring the beautiful actresses Mylène Jampanoï and Morjana Alaoui. Part of the new variety of extreme French horror films, Martyrs may be the most literary and nihilistic of the bunch, yet arguably the most important.
As Lucy and Anna, two young foster girls, come face to face with a simple middle class family that may have some relationship to the early childhood kidnapping and abuse of one of them, shocking violence ensues. Was the family responsible for the unexplained cruelty and exploitation which Lucy had to ordeal as a child or was it a case of mistaken identity that goes awry? What appears to be a revenge film filled with wrongful deaths may only be the scratching of the surface of a story that could include demons, cults, torture, and the very existence of God, Satan, and the afterlife.
Having a lead cast that is all female and focusing on such horrible real life nightmares as child abuse, sociopathology, extreme religious conviction, mans inhumanity against man, fanatical sects both scientific and spiritual, and the unfulfilling act of vengeance, Martyrs takes an extreme approach to topics that main stream films only try to brush over. While leading the viewer to its ambiguous ending, the film changes focus at a minimum of five times and presents the audience with a new theme during each new direction. From the very opening seconds until the rolling of the final credits, the audience has no time to breathe or let sink in what they see during the film’s 94 minutes. Though just over an hour and a half, Martyrs packs a punch that most screenwriter’s only wish for.
Afterwards, Mike Neel, the director of the films Drive In Horror Show and Infinite Santa, is interviewed about his work and also his upcoming projects. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Horror 101 Episode V - The Dark Side of of the Holidays

If Christmas items are going to flood the stores before our beloved Halloween has even passed then Cash Wampum is going to bring darkness to the holiday season. Find out which Christmas horror movies to watch and which to avoid this season. Listen to the world famous Brian Stewart and Cult Sensation Nick Macpherson share some of their their nightmares for our listeners. We dissect Bob Clark’s original Black Christmas that is sure to raise the hair on the back of the most seasoned horror fan’s necks. Find out why Legend of Hell House is so dark and creepy with its fantastic sets and macabre feeling. How did Silent Night, Deadly Night change the face of horror? Join us as we bring you to the dark side of the holidays. Laugh with us as we explore one of the most notorious Youtube clips from a really BAD Christmas horror movie. Its an hour of excellent podcasting you won’t want to miss this Christmas season. Filled with great discussions, atmospheric music and audio clips from some great horror movies. Merry Black Christmas to all!!
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Dark Discussions Episode 035 - Jonathan Maberry's Dead of Night

By an author which has many anthologies, short stories, novels, comic books, and young adult books all coming out at what seems to be at the same time, Jonathan Maberry's latest novel with a title that sounds as if it is that of an old black and white film noir was released just in time for Halloween on October 25th, 2011. Dead of Night, a thrilling and compelling zombie plague story, is much more than the generic sounding title that it is called.
When a serial killer is executed at a Pennsylvania maximum security prison, unbeknownst to some, the body is claimed by an unknown relative from a rural south eastern county of the commonwealth. Reporter Billy Trout starts an investigation on what could be a significant story that eventually turns into much more than he ever expected. As his findings turn into shock, police officers JT Hammond and Desdemona Fox are called to what appears to be a routine break in at the local mortuary and funeral parlor. When what they discover is actually a major crime scene, they are forced into a life and death scenario that suddenly turns into something way over their pay grade.
Co-hosts Chris and Philip discuss the next novel that should be on your reading agenda. Zombie fans will be delighted while those who are all zombied out will be encouraged by a new spin on a subgenre that needs a fresh take. Afterwards, we have a number of interviews. Eric S. Brown, author of many zombie, werewolf, and sasquatch books, is interviewed about his works and his December 2011 release A Pack of Wolves. An author from North Carolina, Eric has dabbled within the science fiction and horror genres with such titles as the Bigfoot Wars. Next up is comic book writer and creator Everett Soares of the graphic novel series Sky Pirates of Valendor. Lastly we have director Mike Neel who discusses his movies Drive In Horror Show and Infinite Santa.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dark Discussions #34 Christopher Smith Focus: 2010's Black Death

Episode 034 - Christopher Smith Focus: 2010's Black Death

A film based on one of the worst pandemics in the history of mankind can’t be a good and enjoyable watch, can it? When the Black Plague (also known as the Black Death) swept across Europe in the 1300’s, anywhere between 30 to 60% of the population of the continent died. No matter your age, no matter your gender, no matter your heritage or nation, if you were exposed to the disease and contracted it, you were already dead. Approximately 23% of the entire world’s population died during this time or 1 in every 5 people.
The disease which was actually the bubonic plague was spread by fleas from rats who would then find a new host upon people. And the disease would spread as quick as if we were talking a zombie outbreak. Since folks had no idea how a tiny common flea was behind the spread, it was determined by the superstitious that Satan or God and His wrath had come to punish humanity. Director Christopher Smith takes a screenplay about the disease and brings us a story on how faith can be followed inaccurately. And yet, his movie entitled Black Death is so much more. It’s a story of human corruption where brilliant folks whether religious, pagan, or atheistic work the fears of the common person into a power base for their own nefarious wickedness.
Dark Discussions wraps up their Christopher Smith film focus with 2010’s Black Death, a tale that tricks its viewers into thinking it to be just another anti-religious film when in fact it is a story of the demagoguery of the individual, the faith of the uninformed, the dissocial personality disorder of the sociopath, and the insanity of vengeance which one would see in a Korean revenge film. Don’t expect a happy ending to a story filled with nihilism, but do expect a fantastic film that will make one think deeply for days after the viewer has watched the credits. 

Horrorphilia Recommends #3

It’s winter time and no better way to celebrate it, than listening to a bunch of horror recommendations by the campfire. This episode we have more movie reviews by Horror 101 podcaster Cash Wampum, Philip from the Dark Discussions Podcast, Jason and Brandon from Horrorphilia, and Jeff and Rich from Much of Madness/More of Sin Podcast. Also we spotlight the horror dvd and bluray releases for the month of December.

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You can find Cash and Horror 101 Podcast over at Horror101.Ca
Philip from Dark Discussions can be found at
Movies recommended are:
Jeff: The Tourist Trap can be found cheap here: Ebay Oddbanana Store, and Amazon.
Jason: Sunshine can be found here: TextbooksRus, or find a Big Lots near you here.
Astron-6 can be found here: Amazon, and ImportCd’
Brandon: The Revenant is available on Region 4 Pal dvd here at
Cash Wampum: Black Christmas over at Amazon.
Philip: Exhibit A can be found here at IndiePix Films to buy on dvd, download or streaming is only $3.99. Also at
Dragonhead can be found here at PrincessStormeDvd’s Ebay store and
Rich: Impulse can be found here at Amazon. Also here at GoHastings.
Don’t Torture A Duckling can be found cheap at ImportCd’s or Amazon.
Stream it on netflix here.
Harpoon Whale Watching Massacre available at ImportCd’s or Amazon. Stream it on netflix here.

Horrorphilia Podcast #68 Cronenberg Pt. 1

We’re back with our next installment of our longest running podcast. This episode the fellas review 4 movies from one of the masters of horror, David Cronenberg. In this first volume of podcasts they review one of his early movies Shivers, a lesser known movie Existenz, the controversial movie Crash (the freaky one not the P.O.S. Oscar winning one), and also Dead Ringers. Also more smack talk of the Nfl, Luke Gosling, Joel David Moore and much more. Subscribe to the podcasts by using the following feed: Leave us feedback at our voice mail line 512-524-7817, or email us at Download from here.

Mavens of Horror ELECTRIC ANGEL Interview

November 30th the Mavens had a blast with 2 PLAYTHINGS: The Black Bed Sheet Author SUE DENT and the Cover Model for her book, ELECTRIC ANGEL, Master Ron Fitzgerald. A good time was had by all. The ladies covered publishing, Sue’s love for Amazon, the amazing world of Master Ron, ORGIES, Syn’s appetite for Men’s souls, Siren brought her favorite toy and oh yeah, there was a guessing game where Ron had a “device” that  listeners can guess by sending their answer to mavensofhorror@gmailcom . The correct answer wins an AUTOGRAPHED copy of ELECTRIC ANGEL. If no one guesses correctly, their name will go in for a drawing, for the book. It’s a win-win. So pay attention and enter the contest!  Splatter Flick Chick was top Maven and worked that mic like a PRO.  Sit back, prop up your feet and listen. IF you are at work…now would be a good time to close your office door or break out your headphones…
Ron as Nosferatu
Nosferatu Photo by Jim Sorfleet

Electric Angel

Horrorphilia's Much of Madness/More of Sin #8

In this episode, we review Sean S. Cunningham’s 1985 thriller ‘The New Kids’, the 1975 drive-in classic ‘Trip With The Teacher’, the forgotten 1981 demonic possession film ‘Fear No Evil’, the still unreleased 1982 slasher ‘Hospital Massacre (a.k.a. X-Ray)’ and the 2009 evil alien flick ‘Creature of Darkness’. We also cover the independent horror/comedy shorts ‘Thirsty’ and ‘Killer Kabbage’.
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Music by: ‘Riskay’, ‘Talking Heads’ and ‘The Cramps’
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Vicis Interimo #99 Wake Wood

Welcome to episode 99! This week we discuss the Irish film 'Wake Wood'. Our opinions differed this week.. and so did the ratings we gave the movie. We also go back and discuss more about last week's movie 'Let the Right One In'... ***spoiler alert!!*** Other movies we watched this week include 'Thor', 'The Book of Eli', and 'Gulliver's Travels' (which we forgot to talk about.. oops! Listen for it next week). smiley
Wake Wood (2010) R:
After losing their only child, Alice, in a vicious dog attack, two grieving parents relocate to a small town where -- to their horror and fascination -- they discover a pagan ritual that will grant them three more days with their deceased daughter. Hoping to allay their sorrow, at least temporarily, the couple decides to go through with the rite, but the larger question remains, what happens after the three days have passed?

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 'Wake Wood' trailer...
'Thor' trailer...
'Book of Eli' trailer...

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Horrorphilia Interviews Podcast: New Orleans Horror Film Festival Interview w/ Misti Fields

Misti Fields is the most exuberant young woman I have ever met! She just shines with excitement and positivity. We had great conversation and she gave insight into the short film WRETCHED SPECTACLE and behind-the-scenes stories and she and I talked about DIVINATION another short film that played at the NOHFF. I hope you enjoy hearing the interview. 
Please forgive me for not being able to drown out the background voices of the people talking LOUDLY behind us at the INN ON BOURBON. 

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Dark Discussions Podcast Episode 033 - David Twohy Focus: 2000's Pitch Black

At first, what appears to be just a typical late winter film release actually turns out to be a high point in genre cinema. In the year 2000, David Twohy, the screenwriter for such action films as The Fugitive, Waterworld, and G.I. Jane, cowrites and directs a science fiction and horror thriller that would go on to define not only his career but the careers of two of its lead actors, establish one of cinema’s greatest antiheroes since John Carpenter’s Snake Plissken, and build a cult following that rivals such films as Night of the Living Dead.
Pitch Black, a science fiction horror film that falls into no specific niche, has been compared to such movies as Alien, Predator, Ghost of Mars, and countless other science fiction films of years gone by. When a meteor storm forces the crash landing of a transport spacecraft on what appears to be an uninhabited desert planet, the group of survivors, including a sociopathic convict, endure the best they can with what little supplies they have. When they discover a deserted mining district, the mystery of what happened to a once thriving community turns into a nightmare.
Radha Mitchell and Vin Diesel star among a wonderful supporting cast in career defining roles. Radha Mitchell would go on to become a leading lady and one of the top scream queens of the past decade starring in such films as Surrogates, Silent Hill, and The Crazies. Vin Diesel’s performance as the antihero Riddick made him an instant superstar and one of Hollywood’s top draws at the box office. Your hosts, Mike and Philip, discuss the intricacies of the movie and how each character’s failings become observations of the ambiguity of human nature. With viewpoints of utilitarianism, pragmatism, and suspicion coming into direct conflict with morality, altruism, and self-sacrifice, Pitch Black is much more profound than the monster movie that makes it one of horror fans' favorite films. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vicis Interimo #98 Let The Right One In

Welcome to episode 98! Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving! smiley This week we discuss the Swedish film 'Let the Right One In'. We enjoyed the American version so much that we wanted to experience the original. It didn't fail to deliver! Other movies we watched this week include 'Captain America', Star Trek', 'Dinner for Schmuks', and the last 'Shrek' movie. This week we also talk a little bit about what we'll be doing for our special 100th episode. Don't miss it! smiley ... and thanks for joining us...
Let the Right One In (Låt den Rätte Komma In) (2008) R:
Twelve-year-old Oskar (Kåre Hedebrant), the constant target of bullies, spends his time plotting revenge and collecting news items about the grisly murders plaguing his town. But things change when he meets a new girl named Eli (Lina Leandersson), a misfit vampire who steals his heart. As a serial killer continues to prey on teen boys in their small Swedish village, Eli helps Oskar find the courage to stand up to his tormenters.

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'Let the Right One In' trailer...
'Captain America' Trailer...
'Star Trek' trailer...
'Dinner For Schmuks' trailer...
'Shrek: Forever After' trailer...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dark Discussions Episode 32 AnthoCon

Stated on their website, AnthoCon is northern New England’s only speculative fiction convention (which) showcases imaginative brilliance in speculative fiction and art, with an additional focus on the convergence of images and literature. Dark Discussions attended the convention as members of the media to mingle with fellow attendees, meet the various guests, and interview folks both famous and up and comers who’ve written novels, short stories, comics, and presented art in all the subgenres of the fantastic: horror, science fiction, fantasy, techno-thrillers, thrillers, and mysteries.
In Episode 030, cohost Philip interviewed best selling horror authors Jonathan Maberry and Gord Rollo. With the latest episode of Dark Discussions, we interview other authors and artists who have spectacular genre work that all listeners of the show should not only know about but also partake in their works. Publishers like Evil Jester Press, Pink Narcissus, Raw Dog Screaming Press, and By Light Unseen Media promoted their novels and anthologies. The next generation of authors were selling their works and signing their books. Fantasy artists from the ilk of such famous artists as Frank Frazetta, Simon Bisley, and Boris Vallejo sold originals and copies of their artwork. Hand in hand with all this was a presentation of the history of absinthe followed by a tasting from the convention’s sponsor Lucid absinthe out of New Orleans.
Put on your reader’s cap and grab a pen so you can start jotting down the names of all the horror and genre books that should be next on your reading queue. 

Vicis Interimo #97 Insidious

Welcome to episode 97! This week's movie is 'Insidious', the 2011 movie from the makers of Paranormal Activity and Saw. This movie was a nice surprise for both of us! Short topics include discussion of the movies 'Temple Grandin', 'How to Train Your Dragon', 'Bean', and the new Science Channel series 'Prophets of Science Fiction'. Other short bits include 'Fringe' character Lincoln Lee, and actor Cillian Murphy (that's pronounced 'Killian'!). smiley

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Insidious: Josh and Renai confront terrifying tribulations when their son falls into a coma and his body starts to attract malevolent forces. But when the family moves, hoping to leave the evil spirits behind, they realize their problems are only beginning.

Insidious... Trailer...
Temple Grandin... Trailer...
How to Train Your Dragon... Trailer...
Bean: The Movie... Trailer...
Prophets of Science Fiction... promotional...
Fringe (and Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee) is awesome. smiley...
One of the many many reasons Lori loves Batman Begins... Cillian Murphy!

Horrorphilia Podcast #67 Rage, The Pack, The Human Centipede 2, and Attack The Block

Horrorphilia Jason has left the building and Gonzo takes over as the new host. They review indie horror movie Rage, the controversial The Human Centipede 2, British sensation Attack the Block, and French horror flick The Pack. Do they carry on the Horrorphilia Legacy with pride and dignity, or do they crash and burn? Listen to find out.
Contact us at or voicemail at 512-524-7817 and leave us feedback. You can subscribe to all the podcasts by using the following feed:   Download from here.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Horrorphilia Podcast #66 Motorcycle Mania #2

We’re back with part 2 of our Motorcycle themed horror movies. This time the movies are reviewed by Mr. Massacre, Sir Ass Cock, Serbian Donkey Punch, Z Nightmarez, Adolf Oliver Bush III, and The Night Felcher. Don’t miss our scintillating reviews of horror classics – Chopper Chicks in Zombietown, Zombie Bikers From Detroit, Travellers, and Psychomania. Leave any feedback for the show or if you want to participate in Horrorphilia Recommends at our email address or leave us a voiceimal at 512-524-7817. Subscribe to all of the Horrorphilia Network of Podcasts by using our podcast feed:
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Bart's Podcast #2 Way of the Gun, A Nightmare On Elm Street

In the episode I review Way of the Gun and A Nightmare on Elm St. (remake). I also sit down for an interview with Frank from the fearshop podcast. The music of The Geto Boys is featured. Download from here.

Bart's Podcast #1 Near Dark and The Salton Sea

In this episode I discuss the old show, the new show, and what I’ve been up to. I also review The Salton Sea and Near Dark. Oh yeah, I also sit down with James Strite for an interview. Download from here.

Vicis Interimo Episode #96 Mirrors Supplemental

This is 20 Minutes that was cut from the first show. It contains spoilers, but has some more of what we thought about the movie and the supernatural in general. There are also a few more points on ‘return to Africa’s Witch Children’ and what is being done to them. This is more of a experiment than anything right now, so let us know what you think about the supplement. Good or BAD at or on our facebook page.
Download from here.
Mirrors Trailer
Mirrors Official (RED) trailer...
Return to Africa's Witch Children...
Stepping Stones Nigeria. Donations help support the children...

Dark Discussions Episode 031 - John Huston Focus: 1956's Moby Dick

Dark Discussions heads to the high seas with one of the greatest yet dark adventure films of all time, John Huston’s 1956’s Moby Dick. The film starring Gregory Peck has a screenplay written by one of America’s greatest authors and was based on the novel written by yet another one of America’s greatest novelists. Ray Bradbury, the science fiction author, weaves an adaption faithful to Herman Melville’s original tale, taking dialogue straight from the source material and not only highlighting the novel’s strengths but bringing a foreboding supernatural sense to a doomed journey lead by a man set out for vengeance against a beast that may be more than just an animal.
The saga of Captain Ahab, a man who but a few years earlier lost not only part of his soul but also his leg during an encounter with the white whale, delves into the depths of such high concept themes as good versus evil, mental illness, the cult of personality, the class system, and man’s place in the universe and whether God exists. John Huston’s screen direction takes a mystical turn in regards to an animal that should not exist never mind the superstition that plays upon the minds of the sailors through such phenomena as St. Elmo’s fire and an animal that appears as a thinking and intelligent monster.
Co-hosts Eric and Philip discuss such topics as megalomania, monomania, anthropomorphism, sociopathology, personality cults, and mental illness as it applies to the two main antagonists, Moby Dick and Captain Ahab. Going through the film and analyzing its themes, Dark Discussions brings to the listeners a view filled with the main elements of any great thriller yet encompassing the plot points of a tale that draws upon Biblical, literary, and classical sources which are filled with existential theories. Once again, Dark Discussions welcomes you listener as we partake in our search of the White Whale! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Body Count Podcast – Episode 22 – Thanksgiving with Mutants

Wrong Turn 1-4, ThanksKilling, Home Sweet Home (Killer in the House), and “To Build a Fire”
Download from here.

Dark Discussions #30 Jonathan Maberry and Gord Rollo (Anthocon 2011)

For horror fiction fans, Jonathan Maberry and Gord Rollo are two of the most popular horror writers to bring frights and chills to readers throughout the world. Jonathan Maberry is a New York Times best selling author and has won such prestigious awards as the Bram Stoker Award for best first novel. His career includes ten horror and techno-thriller novels including books about zombies, werewolves, both pre and post apocalyptic worlds, and bio genetic monsters. He has contributed to numerous horror and genre anthologies plus is a comic book freelance author.
Gord Rollo has four published novels including Jigsaw Man, Valley of the Scarecrow, Strange Magic, and Crimson. From a modern day Frankenstein to deals with the devil, his novels have become favorites of readers who love horror based in real world settings as well as those focusing within the supernatural. His short fiction has been part of some of the more popular horror anthologies.
Dark Discussions was able to interview both authors at the Portsmouth, NH (U.S.A.) 2011’s Anthocon speculative writers and artists convention focusing on such genres as horror, fantasy, science fiction, techno-thrillers, thrillers, and mysteries. Both Jonathan Maberry and Gord Rollo read for attendees and were able to answer questions for fans and readers alike. Each were kind enough to take some time with cohost Philip. Some highlights include Jonathan Maberry taking us through a funny story between himself, Charlaine Harris (author of True Blood) and Jeff Lindsay (author of Dexter). Also while interviewing Gord Rollo we have an appearance by Brian Keene. But both Jonathan Maberry and Gord Rollo let the listeners know more about their work, their writing, and all that goes bump in the night. 

Dark Discussions #29 The State of Vampire Part 3

As the modern vampire haunts cinemas, video games, and graphic novels, the best selling author Charlaine Harris creates within the written page a mind reading woman named Sookie Stackhouse who lives in an alternate yet present day world where vampires, werewolves and witches roam through a land unhidden and unafraid of humans and their superstition. True Blood, HBO’s riveting television series, created by producer Alan Ball takes Charlaine Harris’s stories to the small screen. With its elements of extreme exploitation and violence but having the traits of soap opera and romance, the series has reinvented vampires and the classic monsters once more. Paying homage to 1970’s blood and boobs drive-in fair and the violent yet romantic novels of Anne Rice, True Blood has been so successful that the production of a fifth season has begun. Dark Discussions discusses the success of the show and how it has taken television by storm.
But what about less familiar vampire films? Your hosts, Mike and Philip, cite some films and programs that any vampire fan should know about. Mike mentions the Nicholas Cage film Vampire Kiss, the short lived television show Kindred the Embrace, Mario Bava’s classic film Black Sunday, and the Hammer Film Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter. Philip speaks enthusiastically about the movies Vampyres, Daughters of Darkness, and The Blood Spattered Bride, three of the most influential drive in horror vampire films of all time. Also discussed are the two Ingrid Pitt Hammer Films, Countess Dracula and the Vampire Lovers, possibly two of the best takes on the vampire.
But what of other media? Two of the better vampire novels Vampyrrhic by Simon Clark and The Traveling Vampire Show by Richard Laymon are discussed. Anime has been a staple of the vampire. Such shows as Dance of the Vampire Bund, Blood+, Vampire Hunter D, and Trinity Blood have large audiences. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel brought producer Joss Whedon to stardom. The CW's The Vampire Diaries has been a huge hit.  The Vertigo/DC Comics graphic novel Preacher was highly influential and a throwback to the old horror comics of bygone years. Some new vampire films have become available such as the Japanese film Blood starring Aya Sugimoto and the German film We Are the Night. And two upcoming additions to the vampire film are soon to hit the big screen, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp’s Dark Shadows and Dario Argento’s Dracula 3D. Dark Discussions brings to light all these topics and more. Take out your rosary beads and pray that you can finish listening before the night falls. 

Vicis Interimo #96 Mirrors

Welcome to episode 96! This week we discuss Alexandre Aja's 'Mirrors', starring Kiefer Sutherland. We also talk a bit about 'The Terminal', 'Clash of the Titans', and the documentary titled 'Return to Africa's Witch Children'. We watched an awesome 'Bully Beatdown' this week, so had to mention it and post a link to the fight. It's awesome, so check it out! smiley Our Laid to Rest segment was a bit short this week, but we look forward to sharing some of Slug's opinions of last week's movie 'The Last Exorcism' ... listen for it next week! Thanks for joining us. Mirrors (R) 2008- This creepy supernatural thriller from director Alexandre Aja stars Kiefer Sutherland as troubled security guard Ben Carson, a man who discovers malevolent spirits living within the mirrors of a fire-ravaged department store. When their murderous nature comes to light, Ben turns to his estranged wife (Paula Patton) to help him save their family -- and himself. The supporting cast includes Amy Smart and Jason Flemyng.

Download from here. 
Mirrors Trailer
Mirrors Official (RED) trailer...
Magnificent 7 (1960) trailer 1
Bully Beatdown... (Mayhem beats down a bully) ...
The Clash of the Titans Trailer
The Terminal - Trailer
9 Absurd Movie Premises That Actually Happened
Return to Africa's Witch Children...
Stepping Stones Nigeria. Donations help support the children...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dark Discussions Episode 028 - Christopher Smith Focus: 2009's Triangle

Episode 028 - Christopher Smith Focus: 2009's Triangle

Dark Discussions continues their four episode focus on Christopher Smith and his films.
In 2009, genre favorite, Christopher Smith, directs and screen writes his latest feature film, Triangle, a story that appears to be many things at once before turning itself into a tremendous opus and arguably one of the top horror films in over a decade. Fangoria magazine even trumps that and states it to be one of the top 300 greatest horror films of all time. Your hosts at Dark Discussions not only agree but also give their own praise upon a fantastic film by a fantastic film maker. The film stars genre favorite Melissa George in arguably the best performance of her career. Not only has she cemented herself as a modern day scream queen but with Triangle she shows she is an overlooked actress both in performance and beauty.
On a beautiful sunny day not far from the stunning beaches of Miami, she, her boyfriend, and a group of their friends head out on an all day Saturday sailing cruise. The tranquil setting is suddenly interrupted by ominous storm clouds and a mysterious distress call from an unknown person. What seems to be a standard chronicle about a ghost ship suddenly veers into a story that may be anything from mental instability to the manifestation of hell on the high seas. With its atmospheric setting, its slow uncomfortable burn, and one of the most iconic visuals ever in horror film, Triangle is a movie that any true horror fan must see.
Dark Discussions brings their view to this horror cinema masterpiece. Discussing the background of the plot, Eric and Philip thrash out the intricate detail Christopher Smith put into the screenwriting and how he was able to tie everything together within an ambiguous story that leaves the viewer guessing at every turn. As the backdrop, the Bermuda Triangle and its mythos penetrate every scene from the opening placard until the bitter end. Listeners, get ready for a podcast about a film that every horror fan must see. Even after the credits have rolled all who’ve experienced this motion picture will be left with conjecture and maybe even nightmares. 

Vicis Interimo Episode #95 The Last Exorcism

The Last Exorcism(2010) PG-13
Ready to expose his miraculous deeds as mere trickery, Rev. Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian) invites a documentary crew to film his final exorcism. But when the devil actually possesses a girl's body, Marcus must regain his faith and engage in the fight of his life. Produced by Eli Roth and directed by Daniel Stamm, this frighteningly realistic horror movie also stars Ashley Bell, Iris Bahr and Louis Herthum.

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The Last Exorcism Trailer (2010)
American Horror Story FX New Trailer
Dragonslayer trailer
THE EXORCIST - Trailer - HQ - (1973)
TERRA NOVA - Behind the Scenes: The Sixers
The New World Trailer
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Trailer

Monday, October 31, 2011

Body Count Podcast – Episode 21 – Finishing Halloween

H20, Resurrection, Halloween (2007), H2, World Series Game 6, Community, Parks and Recreation, The Office. Download by clicking here.

The Dark Hours Episode 26: Halloween 2011

It is time to celebrate our favorite holiday! To honor the festival of the dead, we take a look at Halloween episodes of Goosebumps from R.L. Stine and company. Then we take a trip to the cinema to examine the latest installment of Paranormal Activity! Will the 3rd time be the charm? I think we might be getting another one of these soon …
Then Evil Dead: The Musical visits Detroit and Grey and company are on the scene to give you an in-depth report. Make sure you check out this show if it swings by your town!
Finally its a comprehensive retrospective on America’s favorite creepy family, The Addams Family. From cartoons to live action shows to the silver screen, The Addams Family is apart of pop culture and now we are going to give them their due!
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Vicis Interimo Episode 94: Pontypool, Tower of Terror

Happy Halloween and welcome to episode 94! smiley This week we discuss the 2008 movie 'Pontypool', as well as Disney's 'Tower of Terror'. We really are enjoying the new FX series 'American Horror Story', so talk about it quite a bit. Short topics include 'The Addams Family', the 'Xena Effect', and whether or not Nicholas Cage is a vampire. Madsaxxon also quotes from Tolstoy and gets on the soap box this week and has a thing or two to say about those who judge other people's relationships. This leads to a short discussion of the new 'Ballandchain' podcast, which looks at marriage and relationships (run by Jay from Pennycult). The link to this new podcast can be found below. This week madsaxxon and Lori celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary (yay us!). smiley .... thanks for tuning in!

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Pontypool(2008) NR-
Valentine's Day is anything but ordinary for radio shock-jock Grant Mazzy after he runs into a crazed woman on the way to work -- and that's just the beginning as scores of other people in the small Ontario town of Pontypool start acting awfully odd.
Tower of Terror(1997) NR-
Steve Guttenberg stars as a tabloid reporter who wants to return to mainstream journalism; all he needs is a big story. He gets one when he happens upon the mystery surrounding the disappearance of five people at an old luxury hotel in the 1930s. The locals believe that the ghosts of those five people now haunt the hotel. Kirsten Dunst co-stars in this spine-tingling Disney mystery thriller.
Pontypool Trailer...
Pontypool Trailer 2...
Since there is no trailer to be found, here is 'part 3' from the
Tower of Terror on youtube... an example of how 'scary' it is...
Check out Jays Ball & Chain podcast, just serch 'ball & chain' in iTunes
American Horror Story Promo (FX series)...
American Horror Story... Watch episodes here! smiley ...
Is Nicholas Cage a vampire? surprised ....

Horror 101 Podcast Episode 4 Halloween Episode

Our favourite time of the year!! its Halloween!! Just in time to cover the original Halloween I and II in depth. We showed Nick Mac P the two movies. He’d never seen them before!! This was amazing to me. What a great chance to watch someone discover such great horror and finally familiarize themselves with a classic horror icon. Get Nick’s initial reaction to Michael Myers. Why did Zombie’s remakes blow in comparison? Find out on this show. Also, we finally get The World Famous Brian Stewart’s take on The Thing. We touch on Night of the Demons, the original Kevin Tenney with the lovely Linnea Quigley. There’s several reasons why you should check that one out, especially this time of year. I share a great Halloween story from my childhood with you. Hope you’ll check out this special Hallowen Horror 101 podcast!!

Download the podcast by clicking here.

The Horrorphilia Network of Podcasts Heavy Metal Halloween Special

The Horrorphilia Network of Podcasts Heavy Metal Halloween Podcast has been unleashed. It’s our most epic podcast yet. How epic is it? How about 5 1/2 hours, 11 reviewers, 22 movies covered, 24 songs, plus an unmeasurable amount of awesomeness!!! The Horrorphilia and Much of Madness/More of Sin crew review the following heavy metal horror themed movies: Shock Em Dead, Blood Tracks, Kiss Meets The Phantom of the Park, Heavy Metal Massacre, Black Roses, Rock n Roll Nightmare, Trick or Treat, Rocktober Blood, Stump The Band, Turbulence 3 and Hard Rock Zombies. For the Halloween side of the podcast the lovely ladies of The Mavens of Horror Podcast review 2007′s Trick R Treat, and Zombies Don’t Podcast aka Chuck, discusses the entire Halloween franchise. Be forewarned if you don’t like metal than your head may spontaneously combust. If you do like metal than get ready to have a spare pair of shorts to put on by the end of the show. Download the podcast here.

Track List of songs played throughout the podcast
Gonzo’s pick – Walls of Jericho – All Hail The Dead
Holy Moses – Cassie
Helloween – Halloween
Brandons Pick – A Life Once Lost – Vulture
Spastic Colon – Virgin Girl
Sacred Warrior – The Flood
Jason’s Pick – Soulgate – Pirate Radio
Rich’s Pick – Exodus – Bonded by Blood
Jeff’s Pick – The Cramps – Eyeball in My Martini
The Tritons – Energy
Black Roses – Soldiers of the Night
Black Roses – Me Against the World
Chuck’s Pick – Killswitch Engage – Holy Diver
Fastway – After Midnight
Jeremy’s Pick – Rolo Tomassi – Sakia
Zach’s Pick – The 69 Eyes – Devils
Chuck Conry – Edwin Cullen is Dead
Chuck Conry – I Googled Murder
For the outro medley here are the songs:
Galactic Cowboys – If I Were A Killer
Meshuggah – New Millenium Cyanide Christ
Testament – Down For Life
Pantera – Shedding Skin
331ERock – Metal Meets Halloween
King Diamond – Halloween

Horrorphilia Presents Jeremy’s Halloween DJ Mix

Horrorphilia Jeremy has unleashed his Halloween D.J. mix. Perfect to jam out and dance to on All Hallow’s Eve.
 Download from here.

Chuck Conry – Night Terrors

Just in time for Halloween, Chuck is back stronger than ever with his latest album dropping knowledge, while entertaining you more than the local strip club. Including hit tracks such as Edward Cullen Is Dead, It’s Dangerous Business Logging On To Check Facebook, Jimmy (Deepthroat Full Sequence) and many more! Dudes get ready to bob your heads and ladies be prepared for those panty waistbands to feel a little bit looser. Make sure you check out Chuck’s blog over at

Download the podcast from here.