Sunday, January 29, 2012

Zombies DON’T Podcast: Relaunch

On the relaunch of Zombies Don’t Podcast, Chuck & Goob take a look at Basket Case, Basket Case 2, and The Stuff! They also take time to get into the whole issue of aliens as we as talk about the recent Evil Dead remake news, a conversation that spills into an entire conversation about remakes in general!

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Friday, January 27, 2012

The Dark Hours: The 2011 End of the Year Horror Movie Catastrophe!

Take a trip with us, a trip down memory lane of the year 2011! 2011 was kind of a crappy year for horror and we’re going to go over every inch of it and try to find out why. What have we dubbed the best and worst horror movies of 2011? Listen to find out!
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Dark Discussions Podcast #41 - M.J. Preston's The Equinoz

Episode 041 - M.J. Preston's The Equinox

In the 1980’s and 1990’s, Stephen King’s prominence brought about a flood of mass market paperbacks to bookstores, libraries, and supermarket checkout lines. Horror reading had become the fad and anyone who had a manuscript seemed to have their books published. Unfortunately most of them were horrible or mediocre at best and by the end of the 1990’s the horror market completely collapsed leaving only a handful of the early authors having their books published for a mass audience.
Today a handful of great authors are still about including Jonathan Maberry, Gord Rollo, and Brian Keene. Others have dabbled within horror such as Douglas Preston, Michael Crichton, Lincoln Child, and Scott Sigler, but many of their books cross genres into techno-thrillers and science fiction. But for those looking for a throwback to the writings of Stephen King, a new novel from 2011 entitled The Equinox by M.J. Preston was released that brought horror back to its core.
When a tribe of native people in the Northwest Territories of Canada are snowed in from the world, they are forced to resort to inhuman ways of survival. When a presence is drawn to their suffering, an evil blankets over their continued existence until a misfortunate occurrence results in the spread of the terror to more populated lands. With its ensemble cast, the novel takes paths that lead to a serial killer, demonic monsters, and a police department that slowly discovers that there may be something deeper into the crimes that have transpired in their small farming town in Manitoba.
Dark Discussions is joined by the author of this fantastic novel which co-host Philip has stated is one of the top ten horror novels he’s read since 2000. With the novel readily available at such stores as Amazon and Barnes and Noble, folks should go out and check their local library or get a copy for themselves.
For further information on M.J. Preston, check out The Equinox website and the author page. Also you can listen to another interview by Mr. Preston at Ron’s Amazing Stories #31. 

Body Count Podcast – Episode 25 – One-Year Anniversary

We celebrate our first year of podcasting by discussing Final Destination 5, Wake Wood, The Dark Hours, Chillerama (again), Trespass, and Hostel III.
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Horrorphilia Podcast #71 Maniac, Don’t Go In The Woods, The Innkeepers and Street Trash

The fellas are back with reviews of new movies Don’t Go In The Woods and The Innkeepers, plus old school movies Maniac and Street Trash. They also preview the upcoming horror movies of 2012.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Horrorphilia’s Much of Madness/More of Sin #10

Horrorphilia’s Much of Madness/More of Sin #10
Horrorphilia’s Much of Madness/More of Sin Podcast #10

We kick off 2012 with reviews for the 1990 killer baboon flick ‘Shakma’, 1973′s ‘Cannibal Girls’ from Ivan Reitman, 1978′s ‘The Fury’ from Brian DePalma, 2002′s ‘Spliced’ (a.k.a. The Wisher), the forgotten slasher ‘Moonstalker’ from 1989, and an underrated film from 1981 called ‘The Pit’.
We also cover Vince D’Amato’s ‘Catholic Cheerleaders for Satan’ from and continue the countdown of our top 10 horror movies of all-time with #8.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Dark Discussions Podcast Episode 040 - High School of the Dead

Episode 040 - High School of the Dead

With a large fan base for genre animated films such as Heavy Metal, Fire and Ice, and Beowulf, the West has been denied the variety of product that such nations as Japan has. The land of the rising sun has filled their fanbase with series after series of science fiction, horror, and fantasy animated films both based off of original material and graphic novels. Though Western fans have graphic novels, Japanese manga, and Heavy Metal magazine, cinematic animation has been very limited. Fortunately for decades Japanese anime has been imported and dubbed into many different languages bringing with them fantastical worlds and horrific visuals. Such series as Gantz, Texhnolyze, Ergo Proxy, Mardock Scramble, and Rin have been giving an alternate yet very fulfilling experience equally as Fringe, Dexter, and True Blood have to genre fans.
Dark Discussions focuses on one of the more popular Japanese imports from 2011 entitled High School of the Dead. When a group of five seniors and the twenty-six year old school nurse end up in the epicenter of a global zombie apocalypse, our six survivors attempt a breakout from the high school for lands more forgiving. With additional focus on the zombies, the series gives such shows as The Walking Dead a run for their money. Violence, adult situations, and kinetic mayhem make the struggle of our six core protagonists much more harrowing than your typical zombie media.
With a roaring soundtrack, fantastic animation, a story that has the undertow of the rot of society, and three hundred minutes of frenzy surrounding the action, Dark Discussions brings an overview of one of the most exciting and satisfying viewing experiences from 2011. Get ready for a new take on zombies that illustrates a tired topic and makes it as fresh as a recently risen corpse.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vicis Interimo Podcast #103 Brain Dead aka Dead Alive

Welcome to episode 103, where we discuss the 1992 Peter Jackson movie 'Dead Alive'. Other movies this week include 'Paul', 'The Fourth Kind', and 'The Social Network'. Our Laid to Rest segment reflects back on the Anthony Hopkins excorcism movie 'The Rite'... what went wrong with this one? Opinions are welcome! We also make quick mentions of the Fox series Fringe and the HBO series 'Big love'. Thanks for joining us this week...
Dead Alive: UR, 1992
Although it's easy to admire the maniacal glee of director Peter Jackson's bloodfest, Dead Alive is nonetheless intense and profoundly disturbing. When a Sumatran rat-monkey bites Lionel Cosgrove's mother, she's transformed into a zombie. She begins killing (and transforming) the entire town while Lionel races to keep things under control. Events culminate at a house party that turns into a blood-drenched zombie buffet.

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'Dead Alive' trailer...
'Paul' trailer...
'The Fourth Kind' trailer...
'the Social Network' trailer...
The real Mark Zuckerberg...
'Fringe' season 5...
'Big Love' season 5... final...
The Video Lori does not want you to see...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Horrorphilia Presents Horror Hits 8 John Carpenter

In celebration of Horrorphilia’s own Brandon Ennals guest hosting on Captain Howdy’s Que On This Podcast  – John Carpenter episode over at, we have put together a special John Carpenter themed Horror His featuring music from movies directed by John Carpenter.
1. ‘Fight Train’ by John Carpenter featuring Robin Finck and Anthrax from ‘Ghosts of Mars’
2. ‘The Picture On The Wall’ by John Carpenter from ‘John Carpenter Presents Body Bags’
3. ‘Slayers’ by John Carpenter from ‘Vampires’
4. ‘Moochie’s Death’ by John Carpenter and Alan Howarth from ‘Christine’
5. ‘The Bank Robbery’ by John Carpenter and Alan Howarth from ‘Escape From New York’
6. ‘Beastiality’ by Ennio Morricone from ‘The Thing’
7. ‘Opening Titles’ by Mark Kilian from ‘The Ward’
8. ‘Submarine Launch’ by John Carpenter and Shirley Walker from ‘Escape From L.A.’
9. ‘Broken Glass’ by John Carpenter from ‘John Carpenter Presents Body Bags’
10. ‘Pork Chop Express’ by John Carpenter and Alan Howarth from ‘Big Trouble In Little China’
11. ‘Sunset Boulevard Bazaar’ by John Carpenter and Shirley Walker from ‘Escape From L.A.’
12. ‘In The Mouth of Madness’ by John Carpenter from ‘In The Mouth of Madness’
13. ‘Put Them In The Ground’ by John Carpenter from ‘John Carpenter Presents Body Bags’
14. ‘Theme From The Fog’ by John Carpenter from ‘The Fog’
15. ‘Michael Kills Judith’ by John Carpenter from ‘Halloween’
16. ‘Opening Titles’ by John Carpenter and Alan Howarth from ‘Prince of Darkness’
17. ‘Back To The Street’ by John Carpenter and Alan Howarth from ‘They Live’
18. ‘Here Comes The Storms’ by John Carpenter and Alan Howarth from ‘Big Trouble In Little China’
19. ‘I Gave You A Baby’ by Jack Nitzsche from ‘Starman’
20. ‘Ghost Poppin’ by John Carpenter featuring Steve Vai, Robin Finck and Anthrax from ‘Ghosts of Mars’
21. ‘The Children’s Theme’ by John Carpenter and Dave Davies from ‘Village of the Damned’
22. ‘Stake and Burn’ by John Carpenter from ‘Vampires’
23. ‘The Fair’ by John Carpenter and Dave Davies from ‘Village of the Damned’

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Dark Discussions Podcast Episode 039 - The Best of 2011

The best of the year: 2011. The definition of what makes a film a 2011 film is pretty tough with genre movies. Many were released in 2010 through the festival circuit but were not available for anyone not in a major metropolitan area. Others were foreign films and due to distribution rights they never made it to cinemas in other nations and were instead released directly to DVD but months after their initial release in their home country. As a result, our definition of a 2011 film is a movie which was rolled out to thousands of theaters or released to DVD for the first time for mass consumption.
Since the films discussed are horror, to define a horror film can be a bit tough too. Each of your co-hosts had their own ideas. Horror comedy, dark thriller, supernatural suspense, exploitation, and of course slashers were considered. Even one film that was released years ago but has a new director’s cut is presented. But should films like Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Contagion, or Hobo With a Shotgun be considered?
Your hosts discuss top ten lists that include some standards like Insidious, Paranormal Activity 3, and Stake Land, but also less known films such as Dream Home, The Reef, and Kidnapped. Others that may raise eyebrows that are discussed include Jon Hewitt’s X, Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia, and Kevin Smith’s Red State. The conversation touches such topics as the biggest disappointments as well as what the new year has ahead. Is 2012 the year Hollywood bounces back with big budget films like Prometheus leading the way? As one listener, Peter from Massachusetts has done, go out and watch as many on our lists as you can. 

Horrorphilia Presents Horror Hits: Volume 7 – 80′s Exploitation

Horrorphilia presents Horror Hits: Volume #7 – 80′s Exploitation
track listing:
 1 ~ ‘Justice For One’ by John Farnham from ‘Savage Streets’ (1984)
 2 ~ ‘It’s My Life’ by Wendy O. Williams from ‘Reform School Girls’ (1986)
 3 ~ ‘Is That So Strange’ by Code Blue from ‘The Boys Next Door’ (1985)
 4 ~ ‘One Man Force/Main Theme’ by David Michael Frank from ‘One Man Force’ (1989)
 5 ~ ‘Love Hates’ by Marianne Faithfull from ‘Tuff Turf’ (1984)
 6 ~ ‘Pablo Picasso’ by Burning Sensations from ‘Repo Man’ (1984)
 7 ~ ‘Something Sweet’ by The Allies from ‘Angel’ (1984)
 8 ~ ‘Nuke’em High’ by Ethan & the Coup from ‘Class Of Nuke’em High’ (1986)
 9 ~ ‘Mental Hopscotch’ by Missing Persons (as U.S. Drag) from ‘Lunch Wagon’ (1981)
10 ~ ‘Brother To Brother’ by Billy Burnette from ‘Gleaming The Cube’ (1989)
11 ~ ‘I Slept In An Arcade’ by Black Randy & The Metrosquad from ‘Ladies & Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains’ (1982)
12 ~ ‘Your Booty Makes Me Moody’ by Alfonzo Jones from ‘Penitentiary II’ (1982)
13 ~ ‘Flashback’ by David Hallyday from ‘Lady Beware’ (1987)
14 ~ ‘Wild In The Streets’ by Circle Jerks from ‘Thrashin’ (1986)
15 ~ ‘I Am The Future’ by Alice Cooper from ‘Class Of 1984′ (1982)
16 ~ ‘Guns And People’ by Eric Serra from ‘Subway’ (1985)
17 ~ ‘You’re Breakin’ My Heart’ by Harry Nilsson from ‘Private School …For Girls’ (1983)

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Vicis Interimo Podcast #102 Paranormal Activity 2 and Mirrors 2

Welcome to episode 102! This week we talk about two movies... Paranormal Activity 2 and Mirrors 2. We also go back and discuss Gulliver's Travels (finally!), since we forgot it the last couple episodes. We thank Horrorphilia Jason again for recommending 'Sunshine' and share comments from Ken Calloway, leader of the super awesome band 'Cockfight Club'. Our Garbage In/Garbage out segment is longer than usual this week as we discuss Machete, Bag of Bones, Red Riding Hood, Repo Men, Sucker Punch, Source Code, and The Adjustment Bureau. Whew! ... we meant to talk about 'The Fourth Kind' as well, but will save it for next week. All music in this week's episode is performed by Cockfight Club. Please feel free to check out their website at Thanks for joining us!
Paranormal Activity 2: (2010) R
Doors slamming shut, shadows moving across the floor -- the unexplained, terrifyingly real supernatural forces are back, and this time, Dan (Brian Boland), Kristi (Sprague Grayden), Ali (Molly Ephraim), baby Hunter and dog Abby become part of the nightmare as the cameras roll. Tod Williams (The Door in the Floor) directs and Michael R. Perry ("Persons Unknown") writes this spine-chilling sequel to the wildly popular 2009 flick.
Mirrors 2: (2010) NR/R
In this sequel to the horror-thriller Mirrors, a security guard (Nick Stahl) working the night shift unwittingly discovers a portal to another dimension and starts having visions of a young woman who was murdered long ago. At first, he assumes what he's seeing is a figment of his own imagination. But when the vengeful girl's spirit begins claiming innocent victims, he's got concrete reasons to fear for his life.

Download from here.
Cockfight Club video for the song 'H.P. Lovecraft'...
'Paranormal Activity 2' trailer...
'Mirrors 2' trailer...
'Gulliver's Travels' trailer...
'Machete' trailer...
'Bag of Bones' trailer...
'Red Riding Hood' trailer...
'Repo Men' trailer...
'Sucker Punch' trailer...
'Source Code' trailer...
'The Adjustment Bureau' trailer...

Horrorphilia Podcast #70 Top 10 Horror Movies of 2011

Happy New Years Everyone! Time to ring in the new year by recapping the old one. Welcome to the definitive Top 10 horror movies of 2011 lists! Each member of Horrorphilia picks their favorite horror flicks from the past year. Chuck Conry’s list is actually Netflix and Blockbuster approved. We also have lists from Dead Derrick, Philip from Dark Discussions, Javier the last Mexican in Arizona, Poon King 5000, and the Siren of Louisiana. All this plus we feature some of the best songs from the past year and then we end it with an never aired before “adult” conversation. Subscribe to all our podcasts in Itunes or by using the following feed:

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Body Count Podcast – Episode 24 – Hide the Sharp Objects

We discussed Case 39, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, The Mask Maker, The Initiation, Shark Night, Saint, and The Girl Next Door. We also talked about the Saints/Lions playoff game, Elizabeth Olsen, small Reese’s cups, Chiller’s 13 Scariest Movies of the Decade, Cereal Killer cards, some recent comedies, and more.
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Horrorphilia Podcast #69 Christmas 2011: Saint and Rare Exports

We hit another milestone, the legendary #69. We celebrate it by reviewing a few horror related Christmas flicks. The very odd Sint aka Saint aka Saint Nick by Dick Maas and Rare Exports. Two Santa Clause movies like you’ve never seen before. Enjoy!

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Horrorphilia’s Much of Madness/More of Sin Podcast #9 1st Annual Holiday Special (The Frankenstein Show)

Horrorphilia’s Much of Madness/More of Sin 1st Annual Holiday Special
(a.k.a. Episode #9: The Frankenstein Show)
What better time than the holidays for all you horror fans to come get your ‘Frank’ on. Join us as we cover the 100-plus year history of Frankenstein films …with reviews of Universal’s 1931 ‘Frankenstein’ starring Boris Karloff, Hammer’s 1966 classic ‘Frankenstein Created Woman’ starring Peter Cushing, 1970′s ‘Dracula vs. Frankenstein’ starring Lon Chaney, 1981′s ‘Frankenstein Island’, Roger Corman’s ‘Frankenstein Unbound’ from ’90, the 1993 TV version of ‘Frankenstein’ starring Randy Quaid as the monster and a modern day version from 2004 starring Parker Posey & Michael Madsen.
We’re also joined by the ‘Mavens of Horror’ who take on 1971′s ‘Lady Frankenstein’, 1976′s ‘Terror of Frankenstein’, the 1999 comedy ‘Rock n Roll Frankenstein’ and the 2009 Japanese splatter flick ‘Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl’.
We apologize for some of the background noise during the first 10-15 minutes of the show, Dr. Frankenstein was on the roof with Igor doing some repairs and messed with our antenna.

Download from here.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Dark Discussions Podcast Episode 038 - Iconic Characters in Horror Volume 1

Since Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and her creation of the monster, iconic horror characters have entered the imaginations but more so the nightmares of genre fans for generations. Whether they are supernatural monsters that stalk the night for new victims, whether they are wicked sociopaths filled with murdering wrath, whether they are demonic outer beings that collect souls for hell, monsters both human and inhuman have been the focus of frightening and lurid tales both in literature and film alike.
Dark Discussions takes a look into what has frightened audiences over these past forty years. With an eclectic look into the genre, four fiends of death which have brought audiences terror and dread through various film franchises are spotlighted in detail. Michael Myers of John Carpenter’s Halloween fame seems human, yet could there be a supernatural element to his beginnings? The focus of his murderous deeds make him unique as a personality. Jebidiah Morningside, better known as the Tallman in Phantasm, appears to be nothing more than the local mortician but behind closed doors some would say he’s more likely a necromancer, a demon, or maybe even the product of outer dimensions such as hell. Speaking of hell, Clive Barker’s creation of Pinhead, a demon known as a cenobite, comes calling to those who would dare summon him in search of pain and pleasure that no sane human being would seek. Lastly, Freddy Krueger of Wes Craven’s Nightmare on Elm Street returns in the nightmares of the offspring of those who murdered him after discovering while alive he had killed children for pleasure.
Philip and Gordon discuss each monster and their film franchises in detail. To wrap up the episode, from the mail bag, a number of zombie podcasts are focused on (thanks to listener Wodan). They include Darker Projects which features an audio production of David Moody's 'Autumn' in six parts as well as an original, ongoing zombie production called 'Alive Inside'. Also the website Zombie Astronaut, though older, has a number of zombie audio productions for your listening pleasure. Welcome once again to another Dark Discussion.