Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Vicis Interimo Episode 118: Rough Magik

Welcome to episode 118. This week's discussion is on the HP Lovecraft Collection; Volume Two. The main feature of this collection is titled 'The Rough Magik Initiative', and is followed by the shorts 'The Terrible Old Man', 'From Beyond', 'Experiment 17' and 'Experiment 18'. Short topics this week include the film 'The Amazing Spiderman', the documentaries 'Lynching: America's Nightmare' and 'Mouse', and Madsaxxon's first 'acting' gig. We also congratulate the winner of last week's contest... thank you Dan for playing, and for giving the correct answer to the question of Lori's favorite vampire... RADU! smiley
HP Lovecraft Collection; Volume 2- 2000 (NR) 93 minutes
In this horrifying film based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft, the Night Scholars, a secret society dedicated to protecting the world from the evil of Cthulhu, are stunned to realize that the long-dormant Sleeping God may be waking up. After investigating a ritual sacrifice, the mysterious Mr. Moon (Paul Darrow) visits a former Night Scholar who shares a terrible secret. The collection also includes two shorts based on Lovecraft tales.
The HP Lovecraft Collection; Volume 2 (Rough Magik)...
Experiment 17... our favorite piece from the collection...
Madsaxxon's appearance in Kovacs Frey Pharmacy video... (1:33 in)...

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