Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Electric Chair 012: Secrets

Two amazing guests on the show this week: actor Morgan Peter Brown from Absentia (2011) stops by to chat about his work and the movie Lake Mungo(2008). Also, award-winning, bestselling author Lori Handeland drops in to talk about her newly-released sequel to Shakespeare Undead called Zombie Island.
This week I announce the debut of The Electric Chair 2D! It’s the video comanion podcast that will be released periodically. Enjoy watching the chat with Morgan Peter Brown, plus lots more stuff. Subscribe to the YouTube Channel to keep up with the new video cast. Watch the first episode now.
The very generous Florida Possum is sponsoring the Trollhunter Blu-ray giveaway contest! Let me know via email, the contact pageTwitterFacebook, or voicemail (            206-337-5096      ) that you’d like to be part of this contest, and you’ll be entered!
All that and a good dose of Midnight Corey’s randomness. Leave a comment here and on iTunes if you would be so kind.
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0:00:00 » Intro
0:08:16 » Lori Handeland
0:27:04 » Morgan Peter Brown
1:16:07 » Outro
1:17:45 » Music

Download the podcast from here.


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