Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Dream Warriors Horrorcast Episode 22:There Wolf,There Castle (The Werewolf Show)

After a long hiatus from our normal show Magoo, Alex and Newty are back and better then ever! This week we are going to be discussing one of our favorite sub genres...WEREWOLVES! We do a run down of news and what we been watching and we start our transformation at ( 1:17:00) and talk about a ton of movies. We tried something different so I would love to hear some feedback on what you guys think of the clips I added in during our discussion. Speaking of feedback this week we get voicemails from Grey and Android Virus! If you like our commentary podcast check out our new feed over at Horrorphilla the NFW Podcast!! Lastly a Big thank you to Gronith of designing our new logo! Check out his work at If you want to get in touch with us come find our page at, Facebook, and on twitter: @darkdeadite313, @newty28, and @dreamwarriorshc. Or call the batphone at ( 856-298-1477 ) Thanks for listening!
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