Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Dream Warriors Horrorcast Episode 20: Piranha 3D Drinking Game

Episode 20: Piranha 3D Drinking Game

• June 17th, 2012 It seems that over all people responded positively to our Human Centipede episode a while back so I thought..hmmm why not do it again? This is our Piranha 3D drinking game! Now I know we have done 2 commentaries back to back and don't worry we aren't turning into a commentary cast ( We actually just teamed up with the Horrorphilla guys to do it on there show! The Horrorphilla NFW podcast) I hope you enjoy it this week its Deadite, Alex, and Faith. If you want to send feedback join us on facebook in either our group or page, twitter @Darkdeadite313, Newty28, or Dreamwarriorshc. Of course we are also on and our Voicemail line is (856-298-1477) Thanks everyone!
Download from here.

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