Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cthutube on Blip Tv

Make sure you subscribe to this awesome channel on Blip Tv. Founded by author, game maker, musician, and former FANGORIA Moderator Kyle Everett Sember, Cthutube covers music, film, literature, games, and anything to do with horror and the Cthulhu Mythos. Enjoy our readings of classic books 100% free to all.
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  1. BTW, I'm working on several upcoming projects and need some help. Take a look at them and contact me if interested. Podcasts to be recorded over Skype.

    Call Of Cthulhu Actual Play- A actual play podcast recorded over Skype. This will be a weekly show.

    Cthutube Game News- A podcast where we talk about horror games. Both tabletop and digital. Bi-Weekly.

    Cthutube Book Club- A podcast where we do a round table discussion about a book or short story. Monthly.

    Cthutube Horror Movie Podcast- A podcast where we cover horror movies both old and new. Weekly.

    Contact me at