Saturday, March 24, 2012

Horrorphilia Presents Horror Hits: Volume 10 – Goblin’s 40th Anniversary Mix

Horror Hits 10 
2012 marks the anniversary of the formation of the Italian prog-rock combo that
came to be known as Goblin.

Goblin started off as Oliver in 1972 with core group being: Claudio Simonetti
(Keyboards), Massimo Morante (Guitars), Fabio Pignatelli, and Walter Martino.
Later in late 1973, after additional members came and went, they changed their
name to Cherry Five, which did not last long, and after a few minimal releases
dropped the name and found new life as Goblin.
1975 marked Goblin’s first of many collaborations with director Dario Argento,
providing the soundtrack to the film Profondo Rosso (Deep Red). This teaming
would continue until 1982′s Tenebre with the dissolving of the band’s core lineup.
Throughout the following years, various members of the group continued to
contribute to Argento film scores.
With the 1978 release of Zombi, the Dario Argento cut of George A. Romero’s
Dawn of the Dead, Argento recruited Goblin to replace the stock library music
Romero used in his version.
Between various film scores, the band still somehow found the time to release
several albums of non soundtrack material including a concept album Il Fantastico
Viaggio del Bagarozzo Mark (The Fantastic Voyage of Mark the Cockroach).
In 2000, the main core of Morante, Pignatelli, and Simonetti reunited as Goblin for,
what else, but to compose the score for a new Dario Argento film Non Ho Sonno
(Sleepless). The band returned to recording new material and toured until 2009,
when Claudio Simonetti decided to leave the band once again.
Here is my small salute to a band I truly respect and helped me become interested
in, and appreciate that film music can really be an art, Goblin.
Written and compiled by Jai Schuler

Download from here.
1. My Little Cloud Land – Cherry Five
2. Flashing – Tenebre
3. Zaratozom – Zombi
4. Main Titles – Non Ho Sonno
5. Markos – Suspiria
6. Incubi Ricorrenti (End Titles) – Solamente Nero
7. E Suono Rock – Il Fantastico Viaggio Del Bagarozzo Mark
8. St. Helens Mountain
9. Yell – Amo Non Amo
10. Transmute – Patrick
11. Deep Shadows – Deep Red
12. Volo – Volo

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