Friday, March 2, 2012

Dolls of Despair #3 Interview with Roxsy Tyler

There are few females in the horror film industry today who have more going on in their career, before the age of 30, then our favorite Horror Hostess, Roxsy Tyler, who is nominated for Horror Host of 2011 in the Rondos (VOTE NOW)! Although she has been working in the industry since 2007, Roxsy’s big film debut when she brought her Carnival of Horrors to life in the Spring of 2010, via Potent Media, accompanied by her co-hosts Christopher Walker, Christian Jude Grillo, Chuck Maher, Johnnie Howard. Roxy’s signature look is darkly gorgeous, always including her black top hat, goth/rocker clothing and clown like make-up, a beautiful yet hardened look compared to her everyday soft features, reddish brown hair and petite frame. Her love of the Marx Brothers shines through as Roxsy bosses the boys around her carnival while they share their, usually, cheesy B movie choice of the month.
Roxsy starred opposite Raine Brown in the 2010 release of Booley, Potent Pictures first feature film, a great revenge story that addresses the continual problem of bullying in schools. Roxsy also starred in the Tom Berdinski film, The Giant Rubber Monster Movie, which is nominated for a short film Rondo Award (VOTE NOW), alongside many other popular horror hosts. The much anticipated indie horror film, Deer Crossing, another Potent Pictures film, should be released in 2012, and is presently being accepted for screening in horror conventions and film festivals globally, four to date! Roxsy also has an acting role in Deer Crossing, that also stars Christopher Mann, Doug Bradley, Ernie Hudson, Laura Cottrel, KJ Linehan, and Chris Inlow, but she is also Co-Editor and did some still photography for it as well. Roxsy has proven her acting and writing ability, but she is also fast becoming experienced in all the other facets of filmmaking, directing, editing and working the camera! Please join us in welcoming Roxsy to the Dolls of Despair as she talks to Syn Stacy and Splatter Flick about her blossoming career in film.
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