Friday, August 10, 2012

Exorcast Episode 24

On this weeks Exorcast we are back on the right day, the right time with no technical problems! This week we are reviewing James Balsamo’s I Spill Your Guts sent to us from our friends at MVD Films, Billy ‘Bloody Bill’ Pon’s short film Doll Boy that Vincent has been talking about for years…literally. We are also exercising French duo Christophe Robin and Francois Gailland’s 1970′s Italian giallo revival Last Caress (Glam Gore) and Josh Becker’s 1985 cult favorite Thou Shalt Not Kill…Except (Stryker’s War). This week we deliver Last Rights to the loved and also hated by many slasher film Mad Man from 1982 directed by Joe Giannone. We also announce our winners of The Bunny Game contest and Vincent apparently had a contest of his own on the Facebook page and we announce that winner as well.
Enjoy the show and please leave us some feedback! @exorcast (on twitter) and itunes ratings are always nice.
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