Monday, December 12, 2011

Horrorphilia Recommends #3

It’s winter time and no better way to celebrate it, than listening to a bunch of horror recommendations by the campfire. This episode we have more movie reviews by Horror 101 podcaster Cash Wampum, Philip from the Dark Discussions Podcast, Jason and Brandon from Horrorphilia, and Jeff and Rich from Much of Madness/More of Sin Podcast. Also we spotlight the horror dvd and bluray releases for the month of December.

Download from here. 
You can find Cash and Horror 101 Podcast over at Horror101.Ca
Philip from Dark Discussions can be found at
Movies recommended are:
Jeff: The Tourist Trap can be found cheap here: Ebay Oddbanana Store, and Amazon.
Jason: Sunshine can be found here: TextbooksRus, or find a Big Lots near you here.
Astron-6 can be found here: Amazon, and ImportCd’
Brandon: The Revenant is available on Region 4 Pal dvd here at
Cash Wampum: Black Christmas over at Amazon.
Philip: Exhibit A can be found here at IndiePix Films to buy on dvd, download or streaming is only $3.99. Also at
Dragonhead can be found here at PrincessStormeDvd’s Ebay store and
Rich: Impulse can be found here at Amazon. Also here at GoHastings.
Don’t Torture A Duckling can be found cheap at ImportCd’s or Amazon.
Stream it on netflix here.
Harpoon Whale Watching Massacre available at ImportCd’s or Amazon. Stream it on netflix here.

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