Sunday, September 18, 2011

Horrorphilia Interviews Podcast: John Interviews the Twisted Twins – Jen and Sylvia Soska!

Today was a wonderful day. I spent some time with two folks that inspire me and encourage me so much! I am sure , if you know me at all, you will be able to guess who these gals are! I am talking about none other then the amazing Twisted Twins themselves- Jen and Sylvia Soska. Listen and enjoy, not your typical interview. Actually,  its just us 3 just chatting, bullshitting and having fun! There are some fade outs, and cracks, but we wanted to keep it real.  You can stream the show here, or on the stitcher mobile phone app. You can subscribe to the podcast with Itunes, Zune or your favorite podcatcher using our rss feed:

Intro song snippet: Artist: Fake Shark Real Zombie Song: Designer Drugs
Outro song: Artist: Fake Shark Real Zombie Song: Wolf Is The New The

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