Monday, August 29, 2011

Vicis Interimo Podcast #87

Welcome to episode 87! This week we discuss the 2009 remake of The Stepfather. Sadly, this version is missing the magic found in the original. Jason from the Horrorphilia podcast sent in his review of this movie, so you can hear that here as well. We also get to talk about the dark and gritty movie 'The Proposition', starring Guy Pearce and Emily Watson, which we really enjoyed. For our listeners who are Harry Potter fans, we share an awesome fanfiction which picks up at the end of Deathly Hallows. It begins as an alternate ending, with Voldemort winning the battle and Harry pronounced dead. This is a darker, more mature story... it's a must read. We want to thank all of our new listeners for tuning in... and a big hello and thank you to our two new listeners in Belguim! We'd also like to thank those of you who joined our Vicis Interimo fan page on Facebook this week!

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Sorry Mike I missed reading this on air...
Mike R.
realized I should recommend the movie Mr. Brooks (w/ Kevin Costner, Demi Moore and William Hurt)... It's listed as a thriller, but has some great moments and stuff that could be borderline horror (Costner is a serial killer!).
(from Jason)
Heres the trailer with the scene of the movie thats not in the actual movie that I talk about.
Horrorphilia Podcast...
The Proposition Trailer...
Rise of the Phoenix: a Harry Potter fanfiction...

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